Dec 20 2018

Krismas can be… draining…

Brain Drain Bucks by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Bucks by Kris P. Kreme

When a shopping addicted young woman wants to get the absolute perfect gifts for her new blended family this Christmas, she discovers the ultimate way to spend without spending.

Brain Drain Bucks is an online shopping experience like none other, awarding her credits for personal information about everything from IQ to measurements, but she may never realize the true cost of spending those credits.

When buying a gift is selling what makes her herself, everything will change, and the words morally bankrupt can’t describe the extremes she will see… and quite possibly enjoy.


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Suzy has always loved shopping, and some might say she has loved it a bit too much given she gets a little extreme when an opportunity to shop presents itself. Just such an occasion has occurred this Christmas as Suzy is ready to shop for her family, or more correctly her new family.

When Neal and Nathan’s dad married Suzy’s mom, they never imagined just how comfortably Suzy would take it, apparently always wanting a bigger family. Now that she’s calling their dad, Daddy, and seeing the both of them as her annoying brothers, she’s determined to show that she can be the best sister ever, by giving each of them the perfect gift

Until recently Suzy might have wondered just how she’d afford such gifts on her limited budget, but that was before Suzy discovered Brain Drain Bucks, a unique online shopping opportunity that according to the information she read awards credits for basic honest information entered about yourself.

What’s even better is that these credits, these Brain Drain Bucks can then be used for everything from home goods to gifts and that means Suzy can find the perfect gifts and not run up debt this Christmas.

What Suzy might never guess is that Brain Drain is a company that has long been associated with suspect means of purchasing, literally costing a consumer themselves in the process of getting what they want or need.

After entering information such as her IQ, her measurements, and specifics about everything from her moral ethics to her sexual behaviors, Suzy will earn a certain amount of redeemable credits. Yet she never could imagine the cost of spending these Brain Drain Bucks, and when the gifts come in just barely within her budget, she might be quite a bit more than just morally bankrupt.

Brain Drain Bucks can buy you almost anything, except what you had to begin with. It’s time to go Krismas shopping, where everyone ultimately ends up getting what they want.


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