Tis the season in Fertile Fields…

Seasons Breedings from Fertile Fields by Kris P. Kreme

Seasons Breedings from Fertile Fields by Kris P. Kreme

All across the country town of Littleton, colorful postcards are arriving. There are no addresses, no stamps, and these postcards show a bright cheery scene from a much different season.

But little could the farmer’s daughters in town ever know that these postcard holiday greetings come from more than a different season… they come from a very different place.

After one look at the postcards, only the daughters of a certain age can read what is written there, and they are feeling a new obsession they never had before.

It’s Krismas time, time for a new doorway into Fertile Fields, and this time the trick to getting in may just be putting out.


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Littleton is a place most would forget is even on maps, the town name literally meaning little town. But small towns sometimes have the biggest mysteries, and one of the biggest ever is about to arrive in the mailboxes of certain Littleton residents.

What begins as an ordinary day for an ordinary farmer’s daughter heading to collect the mail takes a twisted turn when one of the pieces of mail is an unusually brightly colored postcard greeting, an image of a beautiful green field and definitely a scene from another season, another place. Yet the words indicate this mysterious postcard is a special Christmas greeting from a place called Fertile Fields.

But why is it that only the farmer’s daughter can read the words printed on the postcard, and more importantly why is it that upon reading those words she has the most unexplained sudden shift of behavior a country girl could ever have?

Mitchell Sanders is unaware of anything odd going on, as word doesn’t get around a town like Littleton too quickly, most of the rural residents keeping to themselves. But when he and his daughter Alana stop into the old general store for some winter supplies and livestock feed, old Ben has more on his mind than just the subtle looks at how mature and beautiful the red haired Alana is becoming.

Ben’s an old friend of Mitchell’s, a friendly older man who Alana likes to mess with, mostly by teasing him as her father hasn’t been to the old general store himself in months. But there’s definitely no teasing when Ben lets Mitchell know about what’s been going on around town lately

According to the old man, postcards were showing up in various mailboxes, seemingly ordinary postcards showing a bright green field and plenty of land, but a place no one so far could actually identify. What’s weirder still is the scrambled words printed on the postcard, words that make absolutely no sense, can’t be read, but words and postcards which seemingly have driven a number of younger girls in town quite oddly crazy.

Ben mentions a number of girls Alana’s age, girls she grew up with, girls who for whatever reason after one look at the postcard became absolutely obsessed with not just fucking anyone around but with having babies put in their bellies.

It’s the oddest thing, old Ben says, and something his two young workers are looking into on the computer, which is why they aren’t there to help load the feed Mitchell is buying.

Mitchell asks to see one of the postcards, the mail carriers already having collected all of them that were delivered before anyone else can be exposed to whatever strange properties are afflicting the girls. Like every other man in town, he sees nothing odd about it and can’t read the alien looking scrambled letters printed there. However, pocketing that postcard to look at later is probably the worst mistake Mitchell could make.

It’s in the truck, waiting on Ben’s young helpers Tyler and Lyle to arrive, that Alana spots the postcard and sees how concerned her father is… but just what will she see when she snatches it up to look at it? Just what will Alana read… and will what she reads have the beautiful young farm girl hopelessly stripping off her overalls for some good old fashioned Seasons Breedings?

There’s one town no one can find on any maps, a town that acquires new visitors in many ways, and this Krismas, it’s time to remember just how fertile the mystery surrounding that town can be.


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