It’s finally here… The 900th Tale from the Kreme

The Unknown 900 by Kris P. Kreme

The Unknown 900 by Kris P. Kreme

When a friendly talented network repair technician named Jenson Jones has to fix his own diagnostic on-the-job computer, he relies on swapping the hard drive from a laptop he got paid with in trade years earlier.

But the laptop originally came from a somewhat notoriously known internet author whose words possessed a power of manipulation and magic to his readers. And something hidden within an unknown 900 gigabytes on that drive may now be bringing all new mental and physical manipulation to Jenson Jones’ customers of the day.

What will happen when the physically fit become mentally indecent, or when a geek becomes a freak whose fantasies can change his own dull reality?


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The 900th Book by Kris P. Kreme!

Over 21,000 Words of Kreme!

Jenson Jones has always been a master at managing his job, a job he is so good at that many call it a talent. But Jenson Jones may be unknowingly mastering powers he never knew he could have, and won’t know he has just yet on an otherwise ordinary workday.

As the guy people look to when networking problems arise, Jenson Jones can be viewed as the modern day hero, saving businesses and individuals alike from networking disruptions, internet outages, wi-fi troubles, and more. But when Jenson’s day begins with his own computer troubles, the highly customized diagnostic computer he depends on to keep his service so successful, his creative solution might change the world forever.

Throughout the years Jenson had taken plenty of repair jobs, everyone from highly public important clients, business owners, to individuals on a budget. And he will never forget the one time he took a trade as payment on an early repair job. It was more than a decade earlier, and the guy had claimed to be some sort of internet author, not that Jenson ever looked him up or anything.

He’d been unable to pay the full price of the service job, had asked if Jenson would accept a laptop as trade to make up the difference, and being the decent guy he was, Jenson of course took the equipment. He’d always figured he could do something with it, but over the years never did. The reason he remembered where that old laptop came from all these years later was partially because of what the supposed internet author said, and partially because of what he heard several years later.

“Take care of her, she’s very powerful,” he had said. “The secret to all the power of my words comes from her.”

They were words Jenson Jones still found really odd, but maybe not as odd as the words he overheard about that very same internet author several years later while working on a job. His name had come up and the two guys talking had mentioned that this unusual internet author got his creative success from a Succubi. When the one laughed it off, the other man had assured him it was a high-ranking Succubi, possibly even a Queen who gifted him the powers of manipulation and magic through his written words.

Of course today, Jenson Jones has more important concerns, like replacing the crashed drive in his diagnostic computer with the one in the old laptop he got. Imagine his surprise when the old drive turns out to have fifteen terabytes of space on it. And impressively his repair job goes even better than usual, the diagnostic computer up and running better than ever just in time for his first job of the day.

But what is on the 900 gigabytes of space he for some reason can’t access? And how will that unknown 900 make Jenson Jones the networking technician who can send signals of manipulation throughout the places he works today and possibly everyday from now on?

At a business called Building Better Bodies, where students come for dance instruction, where members come for fitness, and where others come for massages, they may all be finding better uses for their bodies with each other soon enough.

And at the home of a lonely geek of a college student, he may be finding much better ways of amusing himself and escaping the loneliness than the internet he always relied on, when corrupting signals from his own router forever change him and the neighbor he fantasizes about.

Jenson Jones was always good at repairing what went wrong, but thanks to The Unknown 900 he may be corrupting much more than his old hard drive in each and every person who relies on his service.

The 900th Tale from the Kreme has finally arrived!


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To my Readers: Thank you for your support over the years, I cannot put into words how grateful I am.

My best to you all.



    • Suity on January 27, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    Happy 900! Thank you for all the great stories over the years. I hope you stay healthy and hope for many years full of stories to come.

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