SINtendo has its quirks

SINtendo SatisFUCtion by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SatisFUCtion by Kris P. Kreme

Jim and Olivia may seem like the perfect happy couple, but then on one particular day at a healthy grocery store, they seem a bit ridiculous to every guy that catches Jim’s eye.

That’s because Olivia not only insisted they dress alike to supposedly relate better, but also walk around the store not even shopping, just pointing out what foods they like and why.

It’s all part of Olivia’s latest relationship app obsession. But what happens when she pushes Jim too far and he decides to finally try an app his gaming friend Kevin mentioned?

SINtendo SatisFUCtion lets you tap on what you like most about your partner… and Olivia might be all tapped out soon enough.


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Jim definitely never imagined he’d have a girlfriend as hot as Olivia, but then if anyone ever told him having a girl like Olivia would drive him practically insane, he’d have called that person crazy. But relationships are just that, two people’s attempts at tolerating each other’s little quirks without going crazy.

Unfortunately Olivia’s little quirks have started to become too much for a guy like Jim, and it all comes to a head during a bizarre outing to a healthy grocery store, playing yet another one of Olivia’s weird little relationship games.

She’s always had a fascination with relationship apps, obsessing over every little bit of advice the apps give her on somehow proving to herself that her relationship with Jim is the best, most healthy, perfect relationship with a future just as good.

Olivia is beautiful, no question about that, but after countless other couples pass by, the guys all laughing and snickering and generally doing little to disguise their amusement at the simple fact Jim and Olivia are dressed so similarly, wearing little matching commitment relationship bracelets, Jim has had enough. They aren’t even shopping, just walking around as Olivia talks about what foods she really likes, apparently all for the benefit of yet another relationship app.

He’d never thought a hot babe of a girl like Olivia would drive him over the edge of restraint, but as he leaves the store, Jim tells her he has just the relationship app to show exactly what he likes so much about his sweet little crazy-causing girlfriend. And that is when Jim calls up a gaming buddy of his… a man with quite the intimate familiarity with gaming.

It seems that watching football recently, Jim’s buddy Kevin mentioned an app, a relationship app by a company called SINtendo. And while Olivia has no idea who SINtendo is, she’s about to learn firsthand just what every game they’ve ever made does to an innocent if sometimes infuriating little mind like hers.

Send the app by Kevin, Jim installs and loads it, Olivia still confused as they stand outside the grocery store in the chill of a winter day wearing their matching yellow outfits. As Jim puts it, SINtendo SatisFUCtion is a game all about him tapping on the parts of her he likes most… by taking a photo of her with his phone that the app needs in order to play the game.

But just what happens when Jim taps his thumb against Olivia’s most appealing assets, when he begins rather enthusiastically tapping away at the photo he just took of his confused hot busty girlfriend? And what will happen when he taps on other parts of her he likes just as much, like her cute little head?

A lot of girls can play games in their relationships, and some of those games can certainly ruin the relationships. But how many games can truly ruin the girl? Jim may have found the solution to getting the girlfriend he always wanted, the girlfriend every man will want, and thanks to his willingness to share, those men can have.

All it takes to survive a frustrating relationship is a healthy sense of satisfaction now and then… but all of that pales when you can enjoy a little SINtendo SatisFUCtion.


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