Dec 29 2016

The Elves return to make Kris-mas extra naughty

Return of the Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

Return of the Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

Traveling hilly roads with her mom and stepdad, Alicia never expects this family Christmas gathering to change her life.

Then she spots the shadowy figures darting into the road and screaming to her stepfather Rick has him barely avoiding hitting those figures.

But only Alicia can see the little men and those little men reveal themselves to be The Naughty Elves, offering Alicia a gift that is more a curse, 24 hours of pure naughtiness to resist if she ever wants to be a good girl again.

Can Alicia hope to resist being naughty with so many men around and nothing else to do? Kris-mas concludes with a very naughty, very happy ending.


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For Alicia, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the drive out with her mom and stepfather to his family Christmas in the mountains. She’s always been a shy sweet girl, never dating, heading off to college soon enough with a whole world still to even discover.

Of course a chance encounter may just have Alicia getting a real load out of the world much sooner than she thought, and much more literally than the good girl ever could have imagined.

Passing the time listening to her stepfather Rick tell silly tales about his cousins, trouble making tales and funny stories, Alicia spots a couple of little figures dart across the road in the wooded foothills of the mountains they are surrounded by. Screaming out for Rick to watch out, he swerves off the road just barely missing them and unfortunately damaging the radiator.

It’s while Rick and Alice, Alicia’s mother, check the damage under the hood that these two little figures no one saw but Alicia come to greet her. They’re both dressed in about the most obvious Christmas elf costumes Alicia ever saw and they sure seem happy to meet her, even if they already know her name somehow.

According to the elves, they are the naughty elves, the ones who spend their time offering tests to bad little boys and girls, seeing if those bad little boys and girls can surprise even themselves and be promoted to the nice list. Naturally as they point out, Alicia has always been on the good girl list, but that doesn’t mean these two can’t thank her with a special gift, a gift they rarely get to give to good girls, much less good girls having just recently turned eighteen and only barely at that age where they still see and hear real elves.

But just what is the motivation behind these so-called naughty elves, and why are they always grinning so much as they simply give Alicia their gift without asking whether she even wants it?

A simple touch is all it takes for the naughty elves to bestow 24 hours of pure naughtiness into Alicia, every sweet desire and motivation temporarily turned on end inside the girl, but with the threat that should she act on her naughty impulses before the day of naughtiness is over, Alicia will forever be only the most naughty girl ever in anything she does.

Her clothing singed and smoking from their touch, ruined from the literal naughty touches, Alicia is quickly finding her thoughts wandering into places they never have dwelt before, dirty depraved places where she can only imagine what a nubile young thing such as herself can be party to.

Desires she never had, thoughts she never thought before, and the more wrong those thoughts are, the more depraved and perverse, the greater Alicia is finding the impulses with those thoughts.

Can she control herself once they reach Rick’s cousin’s home in the mountains? Can Alicia sooth the naughty impulses inside her young body? Or is this going to be a family gathering like no other, a gathering where Rick and his cousins and even his cousin’s sons can’t get enough of a naughty little slut willing to do anything… as long as it keeps her nice and naughty?

On the twelfth day of Kris-mas, nice turns naughty… there’s no turning back.

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