Sep 29 2016

The month of mystery is approaching… HallowKreme 2016 is almost here!

It comes but once a year… The time of sexy succubi and not-so innocent angels. The appearance of glamorous ghosts, slutty spirits and bimbo curses unending.
The moans from the Kreme Keeper’s vault warn that more tales of HallowKreme…

…are just around the corner.

The month of mystery is almost upon us readers…
Are you prepared?

What evil has the Kreme created for October? What curses will be unleashed?

The question isn’t who’s going to be naughty.

The question is how naughty are they going to be?

HallowKreme 2016 Tease

Starting October 1st!
HallowKreme 2016 begins!
21 stories of Kreme Evil
A special Mega Pack of Selfies and the Grab Bag!

17 works of Kreme, the biggest HallowKreme Ever!

Tune in tomorrow when the covers for HallowKreme will be revealed!