Krismas has a thing for being Booby Trapped

Booby Trapped Milk and Cookies by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped Milk and Cookies by Kris P. Kreme

On the sixth day of Krismas, Maggie has a new house and after an argument and then an unexpected phone call she may have a pair of something else new as well.

Refusing to follow the ridiculous traditions that her mother always insisted on at her new house, Maggie upsets her mother and accuses Brad, the loser boyfriend of hers, of being a creep who likes dressing up as Santa to get girls on his lap.

But will Brad ultimately get much more, or is he even behind the surprise Booby Trapping that leaves Maggie desperately trying to squeeze her own milk for Santa?


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This is the first year Maggie has hosted Christmas at her very own house, closing on it just a month before. And as a young homeowner, Maggie is determined to finally do things her way and not the silly, pointless, and demeaning ways her mother has done Christmas with her latest boyfriend. But Maggie’s mother is perfect at playing the victim, putting up convincing acts to make it seem like everyone is against her, even on something as stupid and pointless as putting out milk and cookies for Santa.

Angry at the attitude her mother is putting up, insisting it’s a tradition to put milk and cookies out for Santa, Maggie knows exactly why it’s such a big deal. Her mother is just playing up to what Brad wants, her latest boyfriend. He’s a creep who likes dressing up like Santa just to get girls to sit on his lap, and when Maggie calls him out on it, an argument gets more than just heated, resulting in her mother and Brad driving off to cool off and shop the day away at the mall.

Maggie is glad to be rid of them, knowing she shouldn’t be made to feel guilty just because she doesn’t want to play stupid Santa games in her own house. Brad’s definitely a creep, she knows it and her mother is too clueless to figure it out, having horrible taste in men since dumping Maggie’s father years before.

But could Brad be an even bigger creep than Maggie imagined as she gets a phone call from a number that seems just familiar enough for her to answer?

Unfortunately it isn’t anyone she knows, certainly not a voice she recognizes, an electronically distorted voice informing her she has been Booby Trapped. Having no idea what that means, Maggie is still angry enough from before not to simply hang up. But her demands for answers only confuse her more as the creepy voice informs her she will have three tasks to do, and if she fails at any of them, her breasts will swell up like balloons.

Rolling her eyes at the impossibly stupid prank call, Maggie asks what the tasks are, and that is when she becomes convinced Brad is behind this creepy call. The voice tells her she has three hours to squeeze her own milk out of her tits, and for each hour she fails to do so they will swell up bigger and bigger.

It’s obviously the creepiest thing one of her mother’s boyfriends ever said or did, and Maggie intends to enlighten her mother to just what sort of idiots she dates. But what happens when one hour after the call, Maggie suffers what she first thinks is a medical emergency only to find her breasts going from perky to D cups in barely a minute?

Another call checks in on her, and Maggie realizes being Booby Trapped is somehow real. Will she be able to stop further growth by actually milking herself? Does the distorted voice belong to who she thinks it does? And what will ultimately become of fiercely independent free-thinking Maggie?

Krismas means family and family sometimes means stress… but rarely the kind of stress Maggie’s tops will be suffering after this year.


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