It’s easy to be naughty at Krismas

Up on the Rooftop by Kris P. Kreme

Up on the Rooftop by Kris P. Kreme

The Naughty Elves are back, this time checking in on a perennially naughty young boy who happens to be upstairs from the sexy innocent Addison.

When she spots them trying to sneak across some skylights above her head, sweet Addison has no idea just what the chance encounter will permanently do to her pure virginal nature.

Given the gift or curse of naughtiness for 24 hours, all she has to do is resist temptation and depravity. But how can a girl who never thought anything wrong fight absolute corruption and decadence?

On the eighth day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave to you,
a dear sweet virgin girl with naughty things to do.


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Benjamin and Grace are wholesome loving parents, well, adoptive parents at least. Grace was never able to have kids of her own, and so not too long ago the couple stopped fostering and officially adopted a young son, Mason, and an older teenage daughter, Addison. And the two couldn’t be more different.

Where Addison’s years through foster care growing into a beautiful nineteen year old girl in effect made her rather shy, quiet, and creative, Mason has rebelled and frequently throws tantrums, his rough childhood making him a pain sometimes to deal with.

In recent days he’s been punished for calling Addison a skanky slut, something nowhere close to true, and nothing Addison minds because she knows he’s been through a lot just like her. Still Grace is punishing Mason by sending him to his room, a threat that Santa is watching certainly not changing his unruly behavior.

Heading out to pick up some holiday snacks and candy canes, Benjamin and Grace leave the kids behind, Addison to tackle a creative decorating project in the kitchen while Mason stews like a brat in his room. But little could all of them know that Santa has been in fact keeping tabs on Mason, through a special department of elves trained to handle only the ones who make his naughty list.

There are certain unspoken rules though, that those past a certain age can no longer see elves among us, but just because there are rules doesn’t mean a few still happen to see the Naughty Elves when they are around. Addison happens to be one of those girls, creative, shy, far too sweet, and obviously possessing just enough of her youth to still spot the most unlikely guests ever… two Naughty Elves creeping across the roof from Mason’s room, walking right over the skylights in the kitchen.

Calling out, startled and confused, Addison never realizes that once a Naughty Elf is spotted, it invites a certain kind of gift… one a good girl like her would never ask for.

When the smiling little elves hop down and greet her at the side door from the kitchen outside, the last thing Addison expects is to get a gift, but is this really a gift or a curse?

Naughty Elves can make bad little boys and girls good for 24 hours, putting true goodness in their naughty hearts and heads. But with innocent good girls like Addison, they can only provide a gift of naughtiness, a test as they call it. For 24 hours every naughty thought or impulse imaginable will be first and front of all Addison can focus on… and if she resists, she will be forever good.

How can a good girl who never thought a naughty thought handle being overwhelmed with only the nastiest urges and obsessive desires? Will Addison be strong, or will she in fact become exactly what Mason called her, a skanky slut? And just what will the sweet couple who wanted to raise her as a daughter think when it’s clear she has other more depraved ideas in mind?

That’s not the pitter patter of reindeer Up on the Rooftop this year. It’s the 12 Days of Krismas reminding readers to watch out, or stop watching entirely, because once you see the Naughty Elves, you might get a whole lot more than you wanted this Christmas.


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