You find special shoes at Krismas

Holiday Heels by Kris P. Kreme

Holiday Heels by Kris P. Kreme

Madelyn always took pride in herself, a beautiful woman with an ugly selfish side. Scamming shoe stores to lower the cost of high priced shoes, she was caught and punished, assigned to community service.

She never imagined that part of that service would involve dressing stupid in a Santa dress to walk up and down a line of the less fortunate showing up at the mall to collect donated goods.

She also never imagined the shoes she was told to pick from at a nearby Shoe Shop would change her mind about servicing the community forever.

On the seventh day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave to thee, bright red heels that fit so well they set arousal free.


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Long ago there was an ordinary seeming store in an ordinary mall that sold very extraordinary shoes. It was run by an older man with white hair, a man everyone simply called ‘the man’ and he fitted shoppers with the perfect shoes, shoes that forever changed the ones who wore them.

In a year as crazy as this, it’s only fitting that the 12 Days of Krismas takes us back to the Shoe Shop in a special tale where an uptight blonde learns that sometimes the punishment can truly fit the crime.

Madelyn still has few regrets about the crimes she was accused of, intentionally putting little scuffs on high dollar shoes in shoes stores so she could then buy them at greatly reduced prices when pointing out the damage. After all, she did pay for them… just not as much. Whatever the case though, Madelyn was found guilty and as part of her court ordered punishment, given community service. Unfortunately for Madelyn, she has no idea just how thoroughly she’ll be servicing the community.

Sent to a mall, having to fight the holiday crowds, Madelyn meets up with Luke, the organizer of an event to help distribute goods to the less fortunate. There are plenty of families and homes out there in need of everything this Christmas, not necessarily homeless, not even all that poor, just down on their luck and unfortunate given all the world has thrown at them.

Madelyn has been chosen to keep those in line happy and smiling, a massive line from a private entrance in the mall to the roped off end of the mall where all goods are to be distributed. As such, there’s a Santa dress for her to wear and she can even go pick out her own shoes she can keep after the event is over, donated by a man in a nearby shoe store in the mall.

So with the unfortunate task of essentially being a smiling model that greets and waves to bums, at least in Madelyn’s mind, she heads over to get changed at a place called The Shoe Shop.

That is where she meets the man who runs the place, a man who offers her any pair from the five different heels he has chosen for her. They are part of a brand he calls Holiday Heels, and each one has little differences, the most notable being the color.

What Madelyn could never imagine is that these are very special shoes, as are all the shoes he sells. But these have some irregularities which might make the differences even more noticeable as she puts a pair on, her chosen pair being the bright red ones he seemed to indicate hesitating to include among the choices.

Always one to grab a bargain, Madelyn figures that must mean the red ones are rare and exclusive, right up her alley… but she could never imagine that each color brings out a very different but seasonably fitting quality in the wearer… a quality to help them serve the needs of others.

Just what do these Holiday Heels do, and will Madelyn be embracing a lot more than just the giving nature of her community service? Find out in the first original tale in years to feature one of the first stories ever written by the Kreme.


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