Dec 15 2014

Khristmas can be very Naughty

The Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

The Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

After nearly hitting two of Santa’s elves on the road, Rachel, Chloe, and Emily, discover getting given a gift is not always a good thing. In fact, it can be truly naughty.

All three girls have been pure, virginal, and sweet. They’ve never had a bad thought, a bad desire, but now, everything is about to change.

They must resist the most depraved naughty temptations for 24 hours, or else they will permanently become naughty girls who know no boundaries.


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Rachel, Chloe, and Emily are three high school seniors, about to discover something truly mind blowing. Santa is real and just like the story always has gone, he’s keeping a list of who’s naughty or nice. Fortunately for the three of them, they’ve always been good girls, the best behaved, the most focused on their studies, the perfect angels all throughout their childhood, now eighteen and adults, preparing for divergent paths into life.

Winter break has just begun, the last winter break where all three best friends will be together. As Rachel plans on spending some time shopping online, collecting gifts for the homeless and less fortunate, Chloe plans a weekend at home, taking care of her stepfather while her mother’s away on business. Meanwhile their friend Emily has a potentially big interview with a man about going off to study dance after graduation. Each has only the purest heart and sweetest personality, but all three are about to quite literally have a run in with a pair of Santa’s elves.

Eyes off the road for a mere instance, Rachel nearly runs down the two little men, screeching to a stop barely in time. As she gets out to make sure they are okay, it’s quickly very clear that these men are not just strange little people in costumes. There’s something more to them, something all three of the girls at first find cute and amusing.

Explaining themselves, the men also explain that it’s fortunate the girls are eighteen, since no one under that age has the ability to see them, part of the magic of Christmas. They also explain that in order for Santa to constantly be keeping tabs on the children of earth, he has elves out in the field, some instructed to watch and report on the good little boys and girls, others instructed to report on the naughty ones.

These two men happen to be Naughty Elves, out on patrol, and they have a special kind of magic that other elves don’t. As one of the elves says, they have the ability to bestow a gift, one which tests them. Typically what they do is give the gift to naughty children and it gives them 24 hours of only the purest, sweetest, most inspiring thoughts. If those children act on the thoughts, change their ways, and become good little boys and girls, they get shifted over to the nice list. If they resist the temptations to be good, they remain naughty forever.

These elves are not terribly happy about the way they met these three perfectly pure good girls and so as they put it, they are bestowing a special gift for all three, and when their gift is given to good girls, it creates in all three of them only the strongest and most intense desires to be naughty. All three girls will have 24 hours of lust, perversion, chaos in their ordinarily pure clean minds. If they can resist acting on those urges, they will remain pure and good. If, however, they should give in and do just one thing truly naughty, they will be lost forever, naughty girls of only the most extreme and most sinful kind.

Leaving the girls behind, Rachel, Chloe, and Emily each immediately begin suffering the visions of naughty desires, the urges growing stronger and stronger by the second. Ultimately as Rachel drops off her two friends and heads home herself, each will find the battle quite futile to even have a hope at remaining pure and virginal good girls for long. The only question is how naughty each will be, how perverse they will become, and to what extreme they will take it.

As Chloe decides all new and more enjoyable ways to take care of her stepfather, Emily ponders her future in dance and considers stripping among other side benefits. Rachel, however, is trying her best to resist, the struggle only snapping back harder like a broken rubber band, resulting in depraved desires to give her body out instead of all the gifts she’d been planning this Christmas.

Elves have a lot of work to do each year, especially with more and more good boys and girls. Thankfully for two of those elves, they may have just discovered a sure fire way of making sure more and more good girls turn naughty just after those girls turn eighteen.


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