Dec 19 2014

Have you put up your Khristmas Lights?

Twinkle Lights by Kris P. Kreme

Twinkle Lights by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone sees plenty of homes brightly colored and decorated for the season this time of year. As one home proves, tis the season to be pleasin.

Kent is finally ready to decorate his home, to put up the Twinkle Lights he purchased due to his wife’s insistence that they decorate like the neighbors do.

After one look at the twinkling lights, drivers passing by and Kent’s own wife are helpless to fight the lust and perversion that suddenly inspires them to truly make the holidays special.


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Kent’s wife Gillian has always liked the way the neighbors lit up their street during the holidays. This year he’s finally going to take her rather domineering instruction to get with it and light their house up as well. As she primps and preens her gorgeous looks inside, Kent heads outside to hang the Twinkle Lights, lights that according to the box are Guaranteed to make your holidays Special.

Unknown to both Kent and Gillian though, these Twinkle Lights truly do make a holiday time special as is quite quickly realized by a blended family headed downtown to a restaurant.

With the interstate traffic snarled due to general chaos this time of year, Debbie instructs her husband Lester to leave onto the side streets and take the scenic way. There should be less traffic and that way they all can enjoy the pretty lights on the homes.

Lester is hungry, driven crazy by his older son Jack and Debbie’s younger daughter Kate in the backseat bickering most of the trip. As Jack continues to poke the eighteen year old stepsister’s buttons, leaning in to read her texts and telling Debbie in the front seat all her daughter’s personal actions, Kate is getting angrier and angrier, all three of the passengers paying little attention to just what frustration is building up in the man of the household.

Right as the boiling point of anger is reached, the car trip threatened by shouting, anger, and general craziness of Christmas stress, they pass by Kent’s home just as he is connecting the final power strip, illuminating his home with the twinkling Twinkle Lights.
After mere seconds of being strangely captivated by the pretty twinkling lights, Lester slows the car down, all his nerves calmed and his wife suddenly quite interested in a further way to calm his nerves. Ignoring the kids in the backseat entirely she pushes aside her long dark hair, instructing Lester to pull over.

As he pulls over, she leans over, his sexy wife instantly finding what she wants and giving him the happiest holiday surprise ever right there in the front seat. Meanwhile in the back, their always bickering kids find a common interest with no end of pleasure.

Some holiday lights inspire family togetherness but Kent and Gillian’s home this year is inspiring a whole new level of it, and Kent still remains clueless about the powerful meaning of just how Special these lights are, at least until he gets his wife out front to see how they look.

It’s truly the Christmas miracle as Kent finally gets to be the dominant one in his relationship and all who pass his home realize their own special little changes, and it’s all thanks to Twinkle Lights.


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