Ring those Khristmas Bellas

Jingling Bella by Kris P. Kreme

Jingling Bella by Kris P. Kreme

Bella isn’t just good, she’s saintly. In seminary, studying to be a minister, Bella looks for the best in people.

After an accident ruins the bell she was planning to use bell ringing for charity, she finds kindness as a man offers her a replacement.

However, this bell is anything but normal and her day of raising funds for the needy will soon be spent raising more than just blood pressure of the male shoppers she sees.

Soon, there isn’t anything Bella wouldn’t do for a donation.


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Bella is a good devout religious girl, a girl who proves that just because a young woman is busty and blonde she certainly isn’t a bimbo with little to no morals. She’s strong in her faith, to the point that she is currently enrolled in seminary, studying to be a minister.

As part of her training she has most looked forward to her service to the community during Christmas time, this year her very first as a bell ringer. She’s ready to spend time outside a local strip mall raising awareness for the needy and greeting everyone with a smile.

Soon enough, however, Bella might just be finding herself leaving those same people she greets with much bigger smiles and giving all new meaning to the term strip mall. It all begins with a seemingly unfortunate accident as she sets up her donation display, a delivery truck backing right over the most important tool of a bell ringer, her precious bell.

Luckily, Bella thinks, the truck driver is a very apologetic man, offering her a bell he happened to have in his truck, a nice fancy looking bell which seems just perfect for replacing the one she lost. Bella can’t be prouder of the giving spirit some people have this time of year.

As it happens though, this man is no truck driver and the bell he gave her is only the latest from a company renowned for products with rather particular devious effects on consumers. Needing a guinea pig to better demonstrate the product, this man has two potential investors watching from a safe distance as poor innocent Bella begins her day, ringing the bell and smiling at all the happy shoppers.

With each ring of the bell something happens within Bella, her mind changing where her thoughts tend to wander, her ideas about giving becoming quite clearly slanted in a more carnal way. As the ringing becomes almost addictive, the reverberations spreading up her arm, throughout her attractive body, Bella realizes that maybe the more of her body people see, particularly the men, the more those men might be willing to donate to such a worthy cause.

Escalating from a more flirty attitude to a more exposed body, Bella soon finds herself doing things she never did before, never dreamed of doing before, each time only justifying it all through the supporting of a good cause.

At the end of the day, a demonstration ends successfully, charitable causes have plenty of funds coming their way, and Bella has plenty of fun herself cumming her own way. While the bell might be ringing, Bella is truly the one jingled the most as she goes from seminary to semen obsessed.

Experience the holiday miracle of a holy girl willing to share her holes in Jingling Bella, part of Khristmas with the Kreme.


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