Pick up the Khristmas gift you didn’t know you wanted

The Merry Mindless Corset by Kris P. Kreme

The Merry Mindless Corset by Kris P. Kreme

There are bargains to be found shopping during the holidays. The bargain Brennan stumbles across on TV might be too good to pass up.

The Merry Mindless Corset, a sexy tight article of clothing that actually squeezes all willpower and personality from a woman promises complete control to the man in her life. Brennan has to get it for April, his domineering wife who’d be better off as a fantasy doll.

Once Brennan has control, will his every fantasy come true, no matter how perverse?


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Brennan is a man who not long ago believed he had stumbled upon the jackpot in life, marrying the gorgeous April, a woman much younger than he is. However, as he soon discovered, married life definitely comes with changes and the changes all seemed to steamroll over every last fantasy he’d ever conceived of.

Slender, brunette, with model looks, April now runs the household, having wormed her way into an authority position Brennan barely even recalls happening. All he knows is that the bossy woman who looks hot as hell has poured cold water over the fantasy married life he had imagined.

Now, Brennan spends most late nights sneaking quietly down to the basement, where April banished his big screen television. He creeps as quietly as possible, thankful she’s a sound sleeper, and finally relaxes in front of the boob tube.

Naturally the holidays are a stressful time of year for anyone, but for Brennan it’s only extra stressful so the late night visit downstairs to the basement is even more welcome. Drifting to sleep in front of the big screen Brennan is surprised awake by the oddest product commercial he’s ever seen, a commercial for The Merry Mindless Corset.

According to the announcers, the corset is high quality, sexy, and hides a big secret. Disguised and shipped in packaging claiming it to be the Comfort Corset, the Merry Mindless Corset is specifically meant as a gift item for the woman in a man’s life who is overbearing and boring, uptight and generally unpleasant.

Once the corset is worn and while it is worn, according to the announcers, her personality is wiped away, her body a mere puppet, blank like a doll, ready to be played with. Whatever the man wants, the man gets from the woman who used to control and manipulate him instead.

Tired and too tempted by the impossible advertisement, Brennan quickly orders The Merry Mindless Corset, with free upgraded holiday shipping. A couple of days later, April brings in a package, one that has Brennan almost giddy to see what happens.

As soon as he has given April the Comfort Corset, a sexy red number that only makes her look hotter holding it against her, she is off to try it on. What happens next can only be described as a holiday miracle.

Brennan’s marriage is taking a definite turn, his wife seemingly under the manipulating squeeze of a powerful corset, his every fantasy and whim able to finally be indulged. As his fantasies and kinks get more and more humiliating for her, more and more extreme, and more and more out of control, will Brennan make this the merriest Christmas ever for his visiting brother and buddies by having a good old fashioned gang bang of the old ball and chain.

Or will Brennan discover that maybe his fantasies are nothing more than that? Find out in the final Christmas tale of 2014, a tale that proves sometimes Christmas wishes really do come true, and occasionally home shopping can really save an otherwise one sided marriage.


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