You never know when you’ll be Bimbo Bombed

Defusing the Bimbo Bomb by Kris P. Kreme

Defusing the Bimbo Bomb by Kris P. Kreme

Charles loves his wife Emily. But he always had a secret fantasy of using her, treating her like a slutty bimbo. Somehow, his fantasy may soon come true.

Sent an email at work, Charles is told by a place called Bimbo Bomb Incorporated that he won a prize, the ability to transform someone into a sex-crazed bimbo. When he plays along with what he assumes is a gag, entering Emily’s cell phone number, how could he imagine the events set in motion for her?

At home, Emily is messaged on her phone that she has been Bimbo Bombed. Yet unlike most bombings with a chance to defuse it, Emily is instead greeted by video on her phone, video of a slutty busty blonde… claiming to be her.


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Charles and Emily are a romantically married young couple, and there’s certainly nothing Charles could ever regret about marrying a sweet girl like Emily. She may not be flawless, a little extra around the hips, but she is the most adorably sweet and faithful woman a man could ask for. And yet behind his adoring eyes, Charles struggles with fantasies he knows his wife will never be open to.

How could he ever have known it was possible for sex to be boring? Charles always assumed since Emily is attractive and she was devoted only to him, sex would never be a concern. Yet here he is, married several years and struggling to ignore his admittedly increasing fantasies about his sweet wife.

A bit of a movie nerd himself, Charles likes to imagine Emily as the helpless victim of a poorly plotted B movie where she suffers a transformation into a sex-obsessed, freely cheating bimbo slut, just a busty mindless obedient sex freak he can truly do what he wants to all the time. But what man doesn’t imagine just using his wife and screwing her brains out whenever he likes?

On an otherwise tedious boring day at his work, a job that requires very little thought, mindless tasks throughout the hours and hours of his day, Charles may just get what he always wanted… even if he doesn’t know it.

While randomly fantasizing, he almost misses the little notification of an incoming message in the top corner of his work computer. But how could he miss the word Bimbo being in an email at work?

Clicking on his messages, Charles stares at the bold words in the subject of this email. Bimbo Bomb Special Competition Prize Notification. And when curiosity gets the best of Charles, he clicks to open the mysterious email only to have animated pink bombs explode all across his screen, giggle sounds instead of explosions.

If that isn’t strange enough, Charles finds himself reading a message that informs him he has won a special competition sponsored by Bimbo Bomb Incorporated. Claiming to be a company that specializes in changing those around you into just the kinds of people you always wanted them to be, this email offers a way of transforming anyone into his favorite type of sex-crazed bimbo all by simply entering their cell phone number.

As much as Charles knows it has to be a gag, that nothing like this is possible, even if it is just what he fantasized about, he ultimately can’t resist seeing what happens. Looking at the sweet photo of his wife on the desk, Charles enters her cell phone number, and lets his mind wander, ignoring the warnings about there being no option to undo what he is about to do.

Hurrying to avoid being caught with a giggling moaning pink mess on his work computer, Charles rushes past options, choosing Extreme and when it all is said and done, Charles has received confirmation that the Bimbo Bomb has been sent.

But as Charles went back to work, idle fantasies of Emily as some extreme busty blonde bimbo, how could he ever know that Bimbo Bombings are a real thing and he just became the latest Bimbo Bomber?

At home, Emily is happily cleaning and tidying up when a very unusual beep comes from her cell phone on the table. Assuming it’s a notification she never got before or that perhaps her phone needed charging, Emily finds herself looking at something very confusing.

A pink box with bold white letters on her phone informs her she has been instant messaged by someone simply calling themselves a Classmate from School. But when trusting Emily opens that message, her phone speakers nearly explode with giggling moaning explosive sounds and the words form that she has just been Bimbo Bombed.

Pulse after pulse of throbbing electricity seems to course through her phone into her, and as suddenly as everything began it ends. Confused, she finds a woman speaking to her via video on her phone… an unbelievably slutty looking vapid blonde, dressed in the skimpiest too tight clothing with massive breasts.

But what is Emily to make of it when this mystery woman claims to in fact be Emily, her future self, telling poor Emily what she is about to become?

What is Emily to do when she is told that every time she orgasms she will transform more and more extreme from a simple faithful housewife into a sex-crazed bimbo whore?

And what is Emily to make when she soon discovers that somehow her sensitivity to nearly every touch has been heightened so much that avoiding orgasms is all but impossible?

Will Emily fight the impossible fate of becoming the slutty blonde on her phone? Will Charles come home from work to find his fantasies waiting for him? Find out in the very first Kreme tale to explore the origin of a Bimbo Bombing, one that makes very clear how impossible it can be Defusing the Bimbo Bomb.


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