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It’s about time to get Bombed Readers

Bimbo Bombed Dressed for SuckSex by Kris P. Kreme

Elton is planning on popping the question tonight, making a wife of his beautiful girlfriend Maggie. And as much as he’s excited, his drunk buddies are more excited about what they’d do with a girl built like Maggie. Joking about her as a cow, fate may be stepping in with a real truth bomb to …

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Expect someone to be BimboBombed at HallowKreme

Bimbo Bombed PheroMOANS by Kris P. Kreme

A single mother has made a costly mistake in looking out for the well-being of her daughter this Halloween. When the weird boy from Valerie’s school called and asked Vanessa for permission to date her daughter, she refused, and now on movie night with Valerie, Vanessa has been inundated with texts informing her she has …

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Reader’s Choice month ends with a Bimbo Bomb

Bimbo Bombed: Cold Blooded by Kris P. Kreme

Adam and his wife Laura Matthews have plenty of wealth, but that doesn’t mean all is happy in the house as two other couples join them one brutally humid summer night. They’re freezing in the house, Laura insisting the AC be high, and her icy attitude and sexy snake-skin pattern dress have led to several …

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Candi likes getting Bombed Readers

Bimbo Bombed: Candi's Candies by Kris P. kreme

Candice is a kindhearted eighteen year old girl who gives every bit as much as she receives in life. But on an otherwise ordinary summer day when she simply stops by to give some little baggies of colored candies with sweet notes to the homeless shelter… Candice may be unprepared for just how much she …

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You never know when you’ll be Bimbo Bombed

Defusing the Bimbo Bomb by Kris P. Kreme

Charles loves his wife Emily. But he always had a secret fantasy of using her, treating her like a slutty bimbo. Somehow, his fantasy may soon come true. Sent an email at work, Charles is told by a place called Bimbo Bomb Incorporated that he won a prize, the ability to transform someone into a …

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Even Hallowkreme gets Bimbo Bombed

Bimbo Bombed Pandemic Panic Edition by Kris P. Kreme

When someone pops up early for a planned Zoom session with a number of their friends, Tricia and Cody simply think it’s a friend. Making a silly face as her fiancée waves, the happy couple greets a masked menace who informs them both they have just been Bimbo Bombed. As Tricia is frozen in the …

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It’s a Treat to get Bombed on HallowKreme

Bimbo Bombed Tricked and Treated by Kris P. Kreme

Samantha’s parents worry too much, mostly because Samantha is prettier than other girls her age. But at nineteen they should trust her not to dress in slutty costumes or do anything wrong. Instead they have her chaperoning her sister trick or treating. But her sister’s gonna be fine, and after an email on Samantha’s phone, …

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Readers like a Bad Girl

Bimbo Bombed Bad Girl by Kris P. Kreme

After a sweet girl named Lizzy finds a seemingly lost cellphone in the donations her church is collecting, she makes the fateful mistake of seeing if the phone is unlocked, taking on more than a mere message meant for the original owner of that phone. Lizzy has mistakenly been Bimbo Bombed, and the good girl …

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It’s time for someone to get Bimbo Bombed by Readers

Bimbo Bombed: Corporate Consumption by Kris P. Kreme

When a ruthless female CEO finds that she has been Bimbo Bombed, she has the ultimate way out, the way she has mastered in her young profession, using others. However when her secretary opens the email which starts her own punishment, Naomi Decanter finds that not all is fair in Bimbo Bombed business, and there …

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