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Bimbo Bombed: Candi's Candies by Kris P. kreme

Bimbo Bombed: Candi’s Candies by Kris P. kreme

Candice is a kindhearted eighteen year old girl who gives every bit as much as she receives in life. But on an otherwise ordinary summer day when she simply stops by to give some little baggies of colored candies with sweet notes to the homeless shelter… Candice may be unprepared for just how much she is about to give.

Receiving a text, the startled young woman has been Bimbo Bombed. And she has just five minutes to consume every single piece of colored candy. If she can’t fill up, she may end up empty forever… becoming a hollow happy sex doll that redefines giving until it hurts.

Sometimes being a charitable doll of a girl can lead to literally becoming one.


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Candice was always exceptionally rare in her giving spirit and generosity. She put everyone before herself, and regularly visited the homeless men’s shelter to take them treats and goodies to try and keep their spirits up. But on an otherwise typical hot summer day when Candice just wants to drop off candies for them, she may end up giving a lot more of herself than she ever imagined thanks to being unexpectedly Bimbo Bombed.

Eighteen year old Candice has always cared more about others, which is why she wants to get into the homeless shelter kitchen and spend some time individually bagging little colored candies and writing personal inspiring notes to cheer up all the homeless men that depend on the shelter. But Ed, the man who keeps a secure watch on the shelter support building can’t just let Candice in no matter how sweet her smile or how much she puts on the charm. A he explains, she’ll just have to step around to the alley where everyone leaves donations.

Frustrated but still putting on the positive attitude, Candice hopes she doesn’t sweat too much in the hot alley because she wore a strapless pink dress, planning on surprising her boyfriend later. But right as she begins laying out the little baggies and pieces of paper to write notes on for the heavy box of colored candies she brought, her phone buzzes with an incoming text.

Thinking maybe Ed changed his mind and she can get inside, Candice doesn’t know what to make of the shocking message that she has been Bimbo Bombed. She thinks it is silly at first, a crazy warning that she has just five minutes to consume every last little piece of candy in her box. Otherwise she’ll find herself deflated and folded up in that very box.

But after another text comes through, Candice starts to worry and texts one of her friends who freaks out, telling her to do whatever she has to do, that it isn’t a joke.

Will Candice somehow manage to swallow every last little piece of colored candy she brought for the homeless? Or will she find herself numb from more than just the shock of coming so close… her genuine feelings of charitable giving reduced to artificial fake sensations that fit an empty doll like she is about to become?

And what will happen if Ed and another homeless shelter employee find what looks like the most kinky lifelike gift ever donated to help the homeless?

It’s hot this summer, so remember to support your local food banks and shelters… in one way or another.


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