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Broke'n Horny by Kris P. Kreme

Broke’n Horny by Kris P. Kreme

The unexpected sequel to Horny!

Tyler once found a pair of plastic devil horns in the basement that when worn sent his sister and stepfather into a horny fit. After what happened with them and what he did to his sister’s friend Felicia, his mother is throwing them out, but not before breaking those stupid horns her son is making up stories about.

When Will and Chloe, seeking out trash to treasure to make ends meet find the broken horns, will the potent power still inside them break their minds and inspire both to do the most perverse kinky things possible to Chloe’s cute little body?

There was nothing like being uncontrollably Horny, but being Broke’n Horny definitely raises things to entirely new levels.


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Will has definitely not had a string of good luck this year, out of work at a horrible time when making ends meet is nearly impossible even for the employed. But one thing he always has been lucky to have is a beautiful sweet supportive girlfriend named Chloe.

Even in the latest creative attempt to make money by looking through the trash in nice neighborhoods, hoping to find discards he could fix up and then sell online, Chloe is right there at his side, supporting his efforts, encouraging him, every bit as beautiful inside as she is outside.

But as much as she is always saving him from being completely down on himself, inspiring him that even broke he isn’t broken, today might truly take their relationship in kinky twisted yet potentially profitable directions neither ever thought of before seeing… the horns.

This happens to be the neighborhood where not so long ago a boy named Tyler forced to clean the basement with his sister Abby discovered innocent looking plastic devil horns, horns that when worn somehow made anyone who saw them worn lose control and become so freakishly horny they would do anything with anyone in any way possible, no matter the consequences.

But when Tyler’s mother came home and discovered her husband and his stepdaughter Abby doing something she’ll never forget, anger burned into rage. Now some time later, Abby is pregnant, Caleb has been kicked out, and Tyler used the horns to knock up Abby’s friend Felicia. So his mother has had it… and despite any stupid pleas that the horns made it all happen, that they are magic, she is destroying them and throwing them out.

It just so happens that Will and Chloe are close enough looking in the discards from other homes, that they overhear the argument, Tyler distressed and marched back up the sidewalk into their home by his enraged mother. But when curiosity gets the best of him, Will picks up the two broken plastic horns, now split apart, feeling dizzy and a bit confused, but thinking they can probably be put to use unlike anything else he’s found that morning.

When Chloe approaches to see if he found anything good, one look at her has Will’s loving thoughts taking a dive into truly depraved perverse desires… and as soon as Chloe holds one horn and he the other, those corrupted horny inspirations are shared, each of them plotting and planning more than just crude things to do to Chloe’s cute little, hopefully fertile body.

After all as Chloe points out, with shortages affecting baby formula… they could sell her milk. But first they’ll just have to breed her, right? And if they’re gonna do that, maybe they should find a farm nearby… and, and what if a horny bull just screwed sweet Chloe into a cum swollen mess, that’d certainly be worth their time wouldn’t it?

The plastic devil horns are corrupting every single thought the two have, more and more, and anyone else who touches one of the horns will have just as perverse a plans as the one holding the other, Chloe somehow caught in the middle.

But will Chloe get every devious little wish her broken mind is thinking of? What about her boyfriend Will? Will he successfully breed the beauty he never thought he deserved… and will he get help doing it? And about that horny bull…

Horny introduced the world to mysterious plastic devil horns that left everyone… horny. Broke’n Horny continues the twisted tale of those plastic devil horns, proving that even broke… they still can inspire unmatched horniness, with a little breaking in to be done in both mind and body.


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