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Booby Trapped: Blindspot by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Blindspot by Kris P. Kreme

Leah hit a man named Jack after he pulled into her blind spot in traffic. It was completely an accident, unavoidable in her mind, but it may have led to a fate she will be unable to avoid all the same.

Waiting on this Jack guy in a public café, occupying herself on her laptop, Leah gets an email that contains a link, and after clicking the link shocks her, Leah is informed by a creepy disguised voice on her laptop that she has been Booby Trapped.

She must complete three tasks, eyes covered or closed, as blind to potential humiliation as she was to the accident that led her there.

But is there more to this than merely a Booby Trapping? Could this all lead Leah to a real good time?


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Leah has never been the most comfortable in unfamiliar places, but unlike her awkward high school years, her uncomfortable college years, she’s an adult now, independent and responsible, and even if she does still live at home, she has to do the right thing. But on an otherwise ordinary day, at a coffee café she’s never been to, Leah may find herself truly trapped into the fate of having a good time she never asked to have.

It was a scary car accident when it happened, the screeching metal, the spinning, the collision, but Leah couldn’t have known the other man pulled right into her blind spot at just the wrong moment. Either way, here she now sits, in a coffee café with her laptop out, trying to pass the time until Jack, the man she hit comes in to discuss things, avoiding potential lawsuits since the car Jack drove was used for his work and he’d now been unable to work for a time.

Having only seen this Jack guy once, and on the worst day of her life, Leah is nervous about a lot more than just having to look around at everyone else in the café. She wonders if he’ll even recognize her, if he’ll be as reasonable and decent as her Daddy said he’d be, her father involved mostly since the car she had been driving was technically his.

But all of Leah’s worries and concerns may be misdirected as the true threat she never imagined comes in the form of a strange little unknown email on her laptop… an email that features a suspiciously blank page with a hyperlink she inadvertently clicks, finding herself shocked. But the real shock is about to happen when her entire laptop screen goes black with only a wavy white line in the center… a line that graphically represents the voice suddenly speaking to her through her laptop, watching her through the laptop camera, and informing her she has been Booby Trapped.

The menacing and clearly electronically altered voice tells Leah she must complete three tasks there in the coffee café and for each one she fails to complete her perky chest will swell up that much bigger.

Naturally Leah doesn’t believe such a thing is possible, thinking she’s been hacked and someone is trying to trick her. But the trick just might become a treat for everyone else in the café as Leah fails to take her first task seriously, a rather embarrassing growth taking place. And now that she believes, Leah is quick to follow directions, covering her eyes, as each task will need to be performed with her eyes closed, the Booby Trapped voice telling her that blind ignorance led to her being in this café costing the owner of that voice more than she can imagine.

Will Leah avoid more unwanted growth? Will she find out who is behind that creepy menacing voice, and could it be the man whose car she hit, the man supposedly coming there to meet her? Or could it be someone else, someone she’d never suspect?

Find out in the first Booby Trapped crossover where everyone has a surprisingly good time in the end.


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