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Get Trapped at the Shack Readers

Booby Trapped: Blindspot by Kris P. Kreme

Leah hit a man named Jack after he pulled into her blind spot in traffic. It was completely an accident, unavoidable in her mind, but it may have led to a fate she will be unable to avoid all the same. Waiting on this Jack guy in a public café, occupying herself on her laptop, …

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There’s one place to find the Shack

The Seamen Shack Good Time Bundle

The entire Seamen Shack series in a massive 37,000 word bundle! The entire Seamen Shack series in a massive 37,000 word bundle! After the past couple of years, everyone really needs a GOOD TIME. And the secret to a GOOD TIME can be found on a certain beach. There’s a certain shack that guarantees a …

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Readers get a tan at the Beach

Servicing the Beach by Kris P. Kreme

When grad students, Laura and younger sister Mackenzie volunteered to help the institute of oceanographic preservation with their Service the Beach project, the brilliant intelligent sisters could never imagine it might end up being the dumbest decision of their lives. While they brought all the equipment needed to test the sand for pollutants, to collect …

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The Shack welcomes Readers to Dock for a while

Docking at the Shack by Kris P. Kreme

Anastasia Adams has been spoiled since birth. Now that she’s eighteen and soon to head off to college, she’s been manipulating and teasing a pair of wealthy brothers, deciding between them for who to allow the privilege of being her boyfriend. Yet when a poorly planned trip out on her father’s luxury speedboat leaves them …

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It’s Whore-able when HallowKreme 2018 comes to a close

Whore-ified at Horror Beach by Kris P. Kreme

On a spooky abandoned beach with the moon overhead, four close friends are about to get even closer, whether they want to or not. Asking why her three best older brother-like friends call the place Horror Beach, Katie is told about mysterious lights in the sky and people vanishing and coming back very different. She …

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It’s fun to be playing with a Doll

All Dolled Up by Kris P. Kreme

Bethany never minded moving in with Harris’ somewhat crude roommate Manny, especially since they are engaged to be married and her dad is their landlord. But during the month of July something strange might be happening to her, and it all begins after Manny brings home an advertisement for a sex doll called a Good …

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The Shack is back…

Shacking Up by Kris P. Kreme

Worried about the sorority sisters their daughter Katie will soon be shacking up with heading off to college, it might be a different Shack that changes everything. Katie isn’t happy to have her mom driving her up the coast to visit the sorority, but she’s less happy when an unexpected blowout in both front tires …

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