Jul 12 2020

Readers get a tan at the Beach

Servicing the Beach by Kris P. Kreme

Servicing the Beach by Kris P. Kreme

When grad students, Laura and younger sister Mackenzie volunteered to help the institute of oceanographic preservation with their Service the Beach project, the brilliant intelligent sisters could never imagine it might end up being the dumbest decision of their lives.

While they brought all the equipment needed to test the sand for pollutants, to collect samples, and to otherwise do their environmental service, neither brought any sunscreen and the sun is definitely bright overhead.

Will a mysterious shed called the Tanning Shack offer an unexpected but welcome solution, stocked full of old tanning oils? Or will Laura and Mackenzie find themselves Servicing the Beach in whole new ways?


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A friendly and frequent debate between Laura and her one year younger sister Mackenzie has always been which one was smarter. No one can deny though, whichever one it might be, both are some of the most brilliant young minds to ever volunteer for an environmental service project called Service the Beach.

As the excited college grad students hit their assigned stretch of privately owned beach, they are excited and not just because their servicing will greatly assist the institute of oceanographic preservation in potentially averting disaster and saving our waters for future generations. As redhead Mackenzie points out, it’s also good for their college credits.

They are equipped with everything they should need for servicing the beach, from containers for occasional sand samples and any oil contaminants they may come across, to the advanced bio-specimen scanner they have been trained in the use of. Unfortunately as book smart and brainy as these sisters are, there’s one thing they quickly come to realize they didn’t properly plan for, and that’s the harsh rays of the sun on this empty stretch of beach.

Before long, the miles of beach are taking their toll on Laura and Mackenzie, but when they happen across a small shed labeled the Tanning Shack, a whole lot more than their temperatures may be coming down.

Just whose private property is this randomly assigned stretch of beach? And what is with the stockpile of expired tanning oils there? Is using them such a smart idea for two brilliant university grad students? It might not be so good, but that doesn’t mean these two won’t end up providing a very Good Time for others.

Readers Choice Month continues with a welcome good service to keeping our beaches clean and minds very dirty.


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