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The MakeUp Test by Kris P. Kreme

The MakeUp Test by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone on campus spread rumors about the disappearance of Cassandra Stein. She was a pretty girl, extremely shy, and increasingly paranoid that something unknown was going to take her away forever.

When she vanished from the small half bath in their dorm room, her roommate Natalie Jeffries was left distressed and distracted enough that her grades slumped.

To make things right and save her scholarship, Natalie returns for a summer makeup test with Professor Bryant. But when she stops by the dorm room to fix herself up for the handsome professor, Natalie finds a mysterious assortment of makeup.

Where did this makeup come from, and more important, where will using it send Natalie?


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Natalie Jeffries never thought she would need a makeup test to improve her GPA, but then Natalie also never thought such a mental and emotional disruption would completely take her mind off her studies the last semester of her freshman year. When her roommate Cassandra Stein vanished, so did the easy finish to her first year in college.

Everyone who saw the two of them as roommates knew they were opposites, Natalie an outgoing social girl, Cassandra a shy one who very rarely left their room. But despite her shyness, Cassandra was more than capable of turning heads, a beautiful girl just increasingly paranoid. From the moment they started rooming together in the old dorm building, Cassandra became more and more convinced there was something out there, something unknown, something that would take her away never to be seen again.

And Natalie Jeffries has returned to the abandoned dorm building in the summer, intending to stop by their room and fix herself up, get ready for the makeup test Professor Bryant generously agreed to offer. And she can’t help but wonder if something really did finally come and take Cassandra away just like the irrational girl always feared.

Focusing on her studies was definitely difficult after Cassandra mysteriously vanished one day from that very dorm room. It had been an ordinary day when Cassandra entered the little half bath in the room to get ready for her day. Natalie saw her go in, but no one ever saw her come back out. Rumors circulated, everything from the frightening abduction stories to the more supernatural haunted old building on campus.

So it wasn’t a big surprise when Natalie’s grades slumped due to the distractions and sleepless nights. But now she’s back on campus, alone, but ready to get cleaned up and presentable to see the handsome Professor Bryant for her makeup test.

Unfortunately in the rush to get there, Natalie didn’t bring any makeup to put on, assuming there’d be some in her dorm room. Not finding any of her makeup in the drawer by her bed, she’s frustrated since every girl in Professor Bryant’s classes admires the handsome man. He did her a favor in offering this makeup test, but in order to make the absolute best impression and quite possibly boost her final grade on the essay questions he’ll have to grade, Natalie really could have used the advantage a perfect makeup job would have given her.

And that’s when she finds the assortment of makeup in the small half bath, the very one where Cassandra Stein vanished mysteriously those months back.

But whose makeup is it, since it definitely wasn’t Cassandra’s? And what harm will it do to use this makeup before heading off for her makeup test with Professor Bryant? The truth might be every bit as eerie as the colorful poster print Cassandra had hung opposite the mirror in the half bath, the poster of a lush field in an orange sunset.

There are many ways to get somewhere in life, college has always been one of them, but Natalie Jeffries may have found the most unlikely means of getting somewhere quite different, somewhere her roommate now knows intimately. It all depends on if she passes… The MakeUp Test.

Readers Choice Month reminds readers that sometimes just the right makeup can send the right message, and other times it can send the wearer to a place they never imagined.


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