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Jul 30 2020

SINtech is very attractive Readers

Julie James was once as dedicated to gaming as any gamer girl out there, at least before she got sucked into the virtual world with escape seeming impossible. She has discovered the ones behind it, SINtech, developers of advanced gaming technology for SINtendo, covered up her disappearance and left her empty shell of a body …

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Jul 28 2020

Be careful what you Recycle Readers

Melanie is a highly responsible girl with a cause, saving the planet in the not too distant future through her efforts of always recycling. In the future there has finally been a breakthrough technology that provides the ultimate incentive to recycle. That incentive is the Recyclatron 3000, a machine that can instantly turn nearly any …

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Jul 26 2020

Readers have changed the Policy

Dave likes working where he works even if he has been the only man around the office for a while. But as he heads off on an overdue honeymoon with his smart young wife Tabitha, a new boss arrives and that boss happens to be a man named Luther. How much could having another man …

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Jul 24 2020

It’s a mystery Readers

As lightning flashes and thunder rolls, five guests arrive in response to a mysterious invitation, one which promises a life changing experience at the old mansion on Ghostly Hill. A brainy guy, a beautiful girl, a gossip queen, a jokester, and a bimbo have been invited, and they all have a connection, remembering each other …

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Jul 22 2020

The Zone awaits Readers

Outside time and space exists a place where the unexplainable happens every day. It’s where idle fantasies give way to realities we never imagined, where the laws of logic cease to function, and where Martin just happens to work, whether he knows it or not. After Martin is given the fateful task of getting three …

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Jul 20 2020

It’s only a test Readers

Despite the virus keeping their freshman classes remote from home, sisters Angela and Gemma have always liked to be socially involved in important causes. So when the opportunity arises to respond to an ad requesting two dedicated young women for what appears to be a protest event that night, the girls are ready. They’ve both …

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Jul 18 2020

Look for sales Readers

Mary’s husband dumped her to run off with his secretary, but fortunately her daughter Molly has stepped in to build her back up and show her they don’t need him. But after a day of pampering and shopping, they might both realize just the kind of man who needs Mary and Molly, a man willing …

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Jul 16 2020

It takes a little talk Readers

Discussing the quirky topic of people who claim to behave a certain way because of how they were born or something physical about them, radio host Cara Caine is always entertaining. The sexy radio personality is used to having fans, but she’s never spoken to quite the fan as she will on this morning’s show, …

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Jul 14 2020

SINtendo can make you sleepy Readers

Bob has it rough, twenty years of marriage, a wife no longer interested in sex, and an eighteen year old daughter who gets whatever she wants. But fortunately Bob has a couple of good friends who came up with a solution. Thanks to Wally’s habit of pirating things from Japan and Jim’s dirty old man …

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Jul 12 2020

Readers get a tan at the Beach

When grad students, Laura and younger sister Mackenzie volunteered to help the institute of oceanographic preservation with their Service the Beach project, the brilliant intelligent sisters could never imagine it might end up being the dumbest decision of their lives. While they brought all the equipment needed to test the sand for pollutants, to collect …

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Jul 10 2020

Always check the MakeUp Readers

Everyone on campus spread rumors about the disappearance of Cassandra Stein. She was a pretty girl, extremely shy, and increasingly paranoid that something unknown was going to take her away forever. When she vanished from the small half bath in their dorm room, her roommate Natalie Jeffries was left distressed and distracted enough that her …

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Jul 08 2020

Readers don’t break the equipment

When gym member Ami turns into a real bitch over not being able to use the weight equipment before Rick has properly cleaned and sanitized it, she sets off a series of stressful events that push the equipment manager too far. Lashing out, Rick grabs both Ami and the fancy new vacuum he has yet …

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Jul 06 2020

Mints won’t help this time Readers

Emma’s always been a good girl, and even though she’s eighteen she’s never been sexually active so never had a need for birth control. But at her mother’s insistence she has started it and unfortunately discovered a side effect she can’t get past. Dry mouth has been driving her crazier and crazier, to the point …

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Jul 04 2020

Some gifts aren’t what Readers expect

Beverly and Bethany don’t have great opinions of their late Uncle Kent, but that doesn’t mean the twins aren’t thrilled with what he left them. The classic Mustangs are everything a college girl could want, one a sporty red with white racing stripes, the other a quirky custom pink painted car. Yet these cars require …

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Jul 02 2020

Better think twice about that job offer Readers

When Monique Abernathy got hired on the basis of being evaluated for her final job position at SCC, she was thrilled, even though SCC, a gaming consulting company, was the last place she expected to hear back from. Little does she know her new coworkers are debating just what job opening she should fill, and …

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Jun 30 2020

Sooner than you think… It’s almost time Readers

Starting July 1st… It’s Readers’ Choice Month 2020! This year’s stories include… Not one, not even two, but three new SINtendo related tales! There’s a new Konversation, a new Trance-tory tale, new Seamen Shack and a new Fertile Fields! Plus a bunch of brand new themes and stories, everything from whodunnit mysteries to future tales …

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