Jul 26 2020

Readers have changed the Policy

Policy Changes by Kris P. Kreme

Policy Changes by Kris P. Kreme

Dave likes working where he works even if he has been the only man around the office for a while. But as he heads off on an overdue honeymoon with his smart young wife Tabitha, a new boss arrives and that boss happens to be a man named Luther.

How much could having another man in the office really change the office dynamics? Dave is about to find out when he returns two weeks later.

As his wife is ready to start a family, Dave has work to do and more than before as the new boss has pushed a lot onto his plate. But everyone else seems to have changed, acting a lot more sexual and flirty.

Could it have something to do with the Policy Changes emails that Dave can’t make any sense of?


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Dave has never minded being the only male employee where he works, but all of that is about to change. The new boss is arriving soon and from what he’s heard that boss is a man named Luther, but as Dave heads off on his honeymoon with his lovely young wife Tabitha, he could never imagine just what sorts of changes he will return to in the office.

His first day back, Dave is immediately aware of how different the usually fiercely focused Colleen is, the woman a machine of constant motion and worth ethic now seeming slowed down, feminine, and almost flirty. When he hears the office girl Jackie, a notoriously tough lesbian crying out in either pain or pleasure in the conference room, Dave is definitely concerned. But it isn’t until he sees his secretary Alison that he starts to realize a whole lot more has changed in the office while he was away.

Usually a shy baggy clothes wearing mousy woman with her hair in a tight bun, Alison has become downright sexy and even bold in how she speaks and acts, openly flirtatious with him. Figuring there has to be a logical reason to explain the odd changes in behavior he has seen, Dave’s first instinct is to check the past two weeks of inner office emails and memos. That’s where he first sees the emails sent out by the new boss, Luther, simply titled Policy Changes.

There are a number of them he missed being away, but when Dave opens the emails, they make absolutely no sense at all. It’s just a bunch of random characters, not even any actual letters or words, certainly nothing to explain what happened to Alison, Jackie, or Colleen.

Meeting this new boss Luther, Dave quickly gets the sense he’s not your typical office type. The man is ten or twelve years older, but then that’s not a big surprise since Dave is one of the youngest men to rise as high in the company as he has. But there’s something else about Luther, the man seeming a bit too energetic and a bit too confident despite his constantly darting eyes. There’s something off about the man, and as his first week back at work continues, Dave continues to see more and more that everytime a Policy Change email goes out, the women in the office are only acting more and more unlike themselves, less and less professional, and definitely anything but appropriate for a serious work environment.

But when Dave sees something truly disturbing and decides he finally wants to take up the offer that has been on the table a while now, to do more of his work from home where at least he has his beautiful level-headed Tabitha to keep his head straight, will he unknowingly take the very changes that have perverted the coworkers he used to respect home with him? Just what is behind those crazy emails titled Policy Changes, and why can’t Dave make any sense of them? Will his wife Tabitha be able to help… or will she see something that forever changes how she sees her husband?

Readers Choice Month reminds readers to always obey the office rules, even when the rules change a lot more than just policy.


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