Jul 28 2020

Be careful what you Recycle Readers

Recycled by Kris P. Kreme

Recycled by Kris P. Kreme

Melanie is a highly responsible girl with a cause, saving the planet in the not too distant future through her efforts of always recycling.

In the future there has finally been a breakthrough technology that provides the ultimate incentive to recycle. That incentive is the Recyclatron 3000, a machine that can instantly turn nearly any trash into something someone wants.

By processing your recycling, you earn credits, and those credits are used to manufacture an almost endless variety of goods. But what happens when Melanie’s boyfriend Ben selects something from the adult product line… and clumsy Melanie happens to fall into the Recyclatron 3000?


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In the not too distant future, recycling has become an entirely different experience, and that is all thanks to the Recyclatron 3000. Facilities have opened across the country finally getting people to recycle because the Recyclatron 3000 can turn any trash into a treasure.

Melanie has always been environmentally conscious, just one of her numerous quirks that can occasionally drive her boyfriend Ben out of his mind. But then Ben admittedly is a bit of a slob and a slacker, who rarely has given any thought to where he tosses his trash or why some things might not be trash and could be recycled.

On a particularly stress filled morning for Melanie, Ben is mostly annoyed with the garbage in the picture on his television, since the signal is poor and Melanie never called the fiberoptic repair guy to come and look at the connections. But Melanie has more important things in mind, this being the day she has put aside to go and take the bags of recyclable garbage she has been collecting to the local facility.

Having to explain to her clueless boyfriend what a Recyclatron 3000 even is, Melanie is doing her best to get him more aware of the planet and how enjoyable recycling is now thanks to the latest innovations in technology. After bickering, she decides the best solution is to give him an incentive. So she explains how the Recyclatron 3000 works.

Essentially it takes any material, from plastic and paper to glass and even metal or electronic trash , and it processes it inside an advanced robotic machinery. The one who brought the material is then given a certain number of credits to purchase a wide variety of things from the online recycling center catalogue. The Recyclatron 3000 then instantly manufactures that purchase item using the recycled materials and even delivers it by mail the same day.

It’s an instant solution to make something one enjoys out of the trash they otherwise dump in landfills which in the future have begun to take serious tolls on the environment.

So while Ben and his friends watch the game or do whatever it is guys do, Melanie offers to let Ben go on the site and choose whatever he would like, and after her recycling bags have been processed, the Recyclatron 3000 will give him exactly what he wanted. It’s the best encouragement to get an otherwise uninterested wasteful guy into the rewarding feeling of recycling.

But just what could possibly happen when clumsy Melanie trips and falls into the Recyclatron 3000 herself? How many credits will the machine deem her to be worth? And what will happen when Ben, being the typical slacker he is, chooses something his girlfriend would never approve of from the catalogue?

Melanie was always into recycling and reusing, but she never felt more used than when she got… Recycled. Readers Choice Month reminds you to turn trash into treasure, and possibly pleasure.


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