Jul 30 2020

SINtech is very attractive Readers

SINtech Tales Animal Attraction by Kris P. Kreme

SINtech Tales Animal Attraction by Kris P. Kreme

Julie James was once as dedicated to gaming as any gamer girl out there, at least before she got sucked into the virtual world with escape seeming impossible.

She has discovered the ones behind it, SINtech, developers of advanced gaming technology for SINtendo, covered up her disappearance and left her empty shell of a body for use by other game testers, and those users have made it quite clear why Julie James was popular in the first place.

Enraged and finding that a new gamer girl is taking her place, someone calling themselves Animal Anna, Julie James and her virtual monster friend intend to see to it that this replacement becomes just as popular and used as Julie James has become.


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Gamer girl Julie James was once the hottest thing on YouTube, her millions of followers tuning in to watch her latest Lets Play videos and largely due to the gorgeous redhead’s other attributes. Yet over a year ago Julie James was invited to test out a revolutionary new VR technology at a place called SINtech. On that day, Julie James was pulled from her body, forever trapped in the world of virtual reality, desperately trying to escape and regain control of the empty body left behind.

Over time Julie James has gone quite mad from the experience, and having a literal monster made entirely of cocks as her best friend in the virtual world probably hasn’t helped matters any. But in the same week that Julie James has finally tapped into video feeds from SINtech labs and seen what became of her body after she was separated from it, she has also learned that there is a new YouTube gamer girl taking over many of her fans.

Animal Anna as she calls herself is every bit as beautiful as Julie James, though unlike Julie James, Anna is mostly into playing games on her channel to support her sponsors, which always involve animals or zoos, organizations that help maintain and improve animals for everyone.

But Julie James knows better than most what all those guys are really watching Animal Anna for, especially after seeing what former viewers of hers are now eagerly doing with clockwork regularity to her sexy shell of a body in the real world. So Julie James is going to pay a special visit to Animal Anna when she steps into VR as part of a photo shoot for Gamer Girl Magazine.

With a little help from her cock monster friend, the thoroughly evil Julie James is going to make sure that Anna becomes just as popular as she seems destined to be, and truly brings the animal out in everyone who knows her name.

Readers Choice Month concludes with a virtual SINtendo tale that will have you growling for more.


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And so comes to a close Reader’s Choice 2020… but soon it will be SINtendo September…