Jul 18 2020

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Liquidation by Kris P. Kreme

Liquidation by Kris P. Kreme

Mary’s husband dumped her to run off with his secretary, but fortunately her daughter Molly has stepped in to build her back up and show her they don’t need him.

But after a day of pampering and shopping, they might both realize just the kind of man who needs Mary and Molly, a man willing to pay for just such a pair.

After stopping at a Liquidation sale, the confusion over just what is being liquidated is solved when Roger the salesman says he just had a longtime customer request two and amazingly the two of them walked in.

It’s usually the salesman that puts the squeeze on a customer to buy, but in this case Mary and Molly will do their own squeezing and end up happily sold.


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Mary has been letting her daughter Molly treat her to a shopping day, and for the most part it has worked, helping the sexy young looking mother get over the fact her husband and Molly’s father turned out to be a complete ass, running off with his secretary.

They’ve both enjoyed makeovers and shopping, eighteen year old Molly showing Mary the joys of being both comfy and fashionable in stylish light tops and yoga pants that flatter how fit they both are. There’s nothing that could ruin this day unless Molly lets her mother start downplaying how hot she still is, but Molly’s best intentions might just do them both in when she excitedly spots a big banner reading Liquidation outside a very upscale looking fancy downtown department store.

Neither have ever shopped at this place, never even been this far downtown before, but the store looks high class and Mary is just enjoying the day with her daughter. Yet almost as soon as they enter this incredible place, something just seems a little off. First of all there are no actual items marked for sale, at least none she sees in the grand space. And when they meet a friendly salesman named Roger, he seems quite surprised to see them, though unusually thrilled when they say they stopped by for the Liquidation.

As it turns out the banner was hiding the name of this business, and Mary and Molly might be trapped by their own misunderstanding, finding themselves sold before they can even grasp the sharp left turn both of their lives will soon be taking. Of course first they’ll give new meaning to the term liquidating one’s assets.

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