Jul 16 2020

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Talk Radio by Kris P. Kreme

Talk Radio by Kris P. Kreme

Discussing the quirky topic of people who claim to behave a certain way because of how they were born or something physical about them, radio host Cara Caine is always entertaining.

The sexy radio personality is used to having fans, but she’s never spoken to quite the fan as she will on this morning’s show, a doctor of psychology who has some insight into her topic like no one else.

Offering to defend the position of the callers’ claims, he invites Cara to participate in an on air psychological assessment based on how she answers simple questions, but the answers may lead Cara Caine down a road the FCC won’t appreciate, but her listeners definitely will.


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Cara Caine is one of the sexiest morning radio hosts there’s ever been at WBMB channel 0, but on an otherwise typical morning show she’s going to find herself becoming part of the topic of the day… and perhaps quite a bit more popular with her listeners.

Discussing crazy topics has always been the rule of radio, getting callers to call in and add their equally crazy personal stories to the mix, but today’s topic for the Cara Caine morning radio block is people who believe they are a certain way because of something physical about themselves. Whether it’s the married older creep who thinks his attractive young looks drive him to cheat with barely legal girls or the woman who blames her promiscuity on possessing an hourglass figure.

Yet when an actual doctor calls in to weigh in on the subject, Cara Caine can’t resist picking his brain for all the lowdown on just why people have any reason to use the excuses for their behavior they are using. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for her man in the booth Max, this friendly caller simply going by the name Doc ends up picking Cara’s brain a bit more than anything.

Asking if Cara would mind demonstrating a little psychological exercise to show how people see themselves a certain way and therefore behave accordingly, Cara is too happy to fill the airtime with someone who doesn’t creep her out or sound crazy.

But will she start to see herself differently after she makes a joke and describes herself as blonde, busty, and brash? After all, they are just words and in her not so humble opinion they are pretty accurate. Yet as much into entertaining the audience and teasing as Cara Caine is trying to be, perhaps she has revealed a bit more of how she thinks of herself than she’ll soon be able to handle.

It’s another increasingly friendly Konversation with every reader’s favorite doctor of the mind, and this time it’s going out over the airways in Talk Radio.

Readers Choice Month calls in some dialogue fun sure to spice up your morning commute.


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