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SINtendo Sleepover by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Sleepover by Kris P. Kreme

Bob has it rough, twenty years of marriage, a wife no longer interested in sex, and an eighteen year old daughter who gets whatever she wants.

But fortunately Bob has a couple of good friends who came up with a solution. Thanks to Wally’s habit of pirating things from Japan and Jim’s dirty old man pride, they have put together an app that once installed will give Bob access to a SINtendo game like no other.

The game is simply the answer to a single question, unleashing whatever the most morally depraved thing Bob could become for 48 hours. But when his daughter and her friends answer the question first after snooping on his phone, this may be a 48 hours Bob and his friends never forget.


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Bob is a middle aged man who has been married long enough that his sex life has completely vanished. In fact he hasn’t had any sex in over six months now… not even by his own hand thanks to the total lack of privacy having a very spoiled eighteen year old daughter brings to his daily life.

But all that is finally going to end, when it seems like fate has at last offered him the perfect combination of privacy and opportunity. First, his wife is out of town visiting her mother in another state for the whole week. Second, his daughter Brie is heading for a whole weekend sleepover with her friends at one of their houses. Third, and most important, his buddies Jim and Wally have managed to provide Bob the ultimate escape from responsibility and morality, a carnal weekend like he’ll never forget thanks to SINtendo.

Wally is always pirating stuff from Japan, games and such, and according to Jim he managed to get something perfect set up for Bob. All Bob has to do is select the link Jim sent to him from his phone, give it time to download a special pirated SINtendo app, and for 48 hours the answer to one simple question will unleash Bob into fantasies and sexual pleasure like he never imagined.

That question is quite simply, what is the most morally depraved thing you could ever become?

As Jim puts it, SINtendo games are not so much about the games as the play and this question once answered in Jim’s own words will allow him to live as that morally corrupted darker version of himself for exactly 48 hours, returning back to normal afterwards. It’s a guaranteed weekend off from all the restraints of being husband and father and nothing else.

Unfortunately like all good plans, this one is bound to fail when suddenly voices are heard and Brie, her sexy redhead friend Isabel who Bob’s friend Jim has a seriously disturbing fascination for, and their friends Katelynn and Hope show up.

It turns out Isabel’s parents had to leave for the weekend and didn’t feel comfortable with the girls there alone. So their sleepover has changed locations and since Brie has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, naturally her house is the new location.

There’s no way Bob can go through with his carnal exploits with four eighteen year old girls in the house, but Jim comes up with a solution. All he has to do is finish the app install from his home network there, and then come over to Jim’s house. His buddy is pretty sure he can make up an excuse that gets his own wife to go visit her sister or something for the weekend. It’s not the best plan, but it’s a plan.

Only none of the old guys have considered just how manipulative and nosy teenage girls can be. While Bob is letting the app install slowly on his phone, Brie puts on her eye batting charm and asks him if he can go pick up a pizza for her and her friends… from a particular place across town that doesn’t deliver.

Naturally Bob has never been able to say no to Brie, every bit the sucker he’s been since her manipulative mother married him. And unfortunately he can’t take his phone as the install isn’t complete and can’t be taken off his home wifi network.

How could he know that after leaving Brie would get the downright wicked idea of seeing if she can access his credit cards on the phone he left. As she brags to her friends she’s swiped money from him before, and Daddy never notices.

He might notice what the girls get into this time though, especially after they realize none of the phone can be accessed until that little app finishes installing. Upon installation, Brie finds that to use the rest of the phone she has to open the recently installed app, and that is when all four girls are presented with a question that will forever change them… even after the 48 hour game window.

Just how will four largely innocent eighteen year old girls answer a question about what the most morally depraved thing they could ever become is? And how will Bob return home with that pizza to find them? An what about Jim and Wally, will those good pals be repaid for their efforts to help a buddy out in ways they never imagined, by girls more than young enough to be their daughters?

One thing is certain, there won’t be much sleeping done at this sleepover, unless passing out from pleasure counts as sleep. Readers Choice Month presents a nearly triple length tale to spice up married and sexually frustrated lives everywhere. Sometimes sleepover games are played by the girls having the sleepover… and won by some dirty old men.


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