Jul 22 2020

The Zone awaits Readers

Tales From the Kremey Zone Readers Choice Episode by Kris P. Kreme

Tales From the Kremey Zone Readers Choice Episode by Kris P. Kreme

Outside time and space exists a place where the unexplainable happens every day. It’s where idle fantasies give way to realities we never imagined, where the laws of logic cease to function, and where Martin just happens to work, whether he knows it or not.

After Martin is given the fateful task of getting three disgruntled young women to sign an agreement putting an end to their labor dispute with the company, he has an idea.

A background program on his computer that inserts mind relaxing images behind dull words and numbers has helped him in the past. Maybe the same will help on the tablet he needs those women to sign.

Or maybe it will lead to a resolution no one ever expected?


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There exists a stabilizing force of balance in the universe, a harmonizing power that ensures reality and logic always exist in connection to each other. However there are always exceptions to the the most strict universal rule, when chaos of the most carnal nature can spontaneously happen and that is where you know you have entered, The Kremey Zone.

Season one presented an assortment of the unexplainable forever altering innocent lives into much less innocent perversions, but Season two has got much further and now it has struck Readers Choice Month with a terrifyingly recognizable tale in the depressingly dull location of an everyday office environment.

Martin has been tapped as the next sacrificial lamb, a man his crotchety old boss expects to do what none of the others have done, put an end to the labor dispute with three fierce younger women in the company.

Labor disputes are tricky things, but never quite so tricky as this one ends up. Since Martin knows well that Savannah, Maria, and Scarlett are not going to ever sign the agreement the company comes up with to end their labor dispute, he tries to appease them with a more psychological solution.

Given more than just a lecture by his boss, his own job on the line, just as the other men who failed and were fired before him, Martin has nothing to lose. He’s always gotten through his dull tedious days staring at words and numbers on a screen by putting something relaxing in the background of that screen. So what could be more mentally relaxing than the image of laughing babies he finds and replaces the background of the labor dispute agreement his boss expects all three of the ladies to sign?

But the mind can be a truly tricky place and Savannah, Maria, and Scarlett may just have a whole lot more extreme a reaction than Martin ever intended. Work can be a real chore, especially when trying to satisfy three disgruntled coworkers.

Readers Choice Month takes readers to work… in the Kremey Zone, where labor isn’t just a job, it’s a pleasure.


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