Jul 04 2020

Some gifts aren’t what Readers expect

The Inheritance by Kris P. Kreme

The Inheritance by Kris P. Kreme

Beverly and Bethany don’t have great opinions of their late Uncle Kent, but that doesn’t mean the twins aren’t thrilled with what he left them.

The classic Mustangs are everything a college girl could want, one a sporty red with white racing stripes, the other a quirky custom pink painted car. Yet these cars require certain drivers.

A test drive will forever change smart outspoken Beverly into a simpleminded girl, while shy sister Bethany gets in touch with her dominant side. They may drive off identical but they return quite different.

Readers Choice Month gives readers fast cars, loose women, and one heck of a sharp turn at the end.


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It was quite sudden and unexpected that twin sisters Beverly and Bethany heard about their Uncle Kent passing away. But at least for the always more outgoing and outspoken Beverly it’s good riddance since Uncle Kent was always a real pervert, especially the last time they ever saw him years before.

Having avoided him just because he was the quintessential creepy uncle, Beverly was just as surprised as her meek shy sister Bethany to hear from their late uncle’s estate handler. Apparently he left them something, but they have to come to his palatial residence in person to claim the inheritance.

Upon arriving both girls are absolutely shocked at the two pristine looking old sports cars parked outside Uncle Kent’s residence. Both are Ford Mustangs and both are in immaculate condition for their age. But both cars are quite different, especially in color, one being an aggressive and bold red with white racing stripes, the other being a more standard model decked out in a custom pink paint job.

The girls are told that all they have to do is sign and each of them can choose one of the cars as their inheritance. But there are conditions they will agree to in accepting the cars, and while the conditions seem perfectly reasonable if a bit strange, neither girl could ever imagine that these fast rides are going to result in even faster changes that will forever leave these identical twins anything but identical… and nothing like they arrived.

When shy Bethany takes a real shine to the unlikely bold red Mustang, she never could foresee that driving such a powerful dominant vehicle will awaken and expand her aggressions like never before. When her sister, the more dominant of the pair takes the pink Mustang, she might find herself regretting the decision if she can think clear enough after too many miles behind the wheel. It may have been a dumb decision or she may just become the dumb decision.

One thing is certain, after their initial test drives to check out the inheritance their uncle left them, Beverly and Bethany will get the ultimate surprise of their lives… as well as a whole new direction for those lives to take.

Readers Choice Month continues with the oldest lesson out there, if something seems too good to be true… it usually is.


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