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Emma's Dry Mouth Dilemma by Kris P. Kreme

Emma’s Dry Mouth Dilemma by Kris P. Kreme

Emma’s always been a good girl, and even though she’s eighteen she’s never been sexually active so never had a need for birth control. But at her mother’s insistence she has started it and unfortunately discovered a side effect she can’t get past.

Dry mouth has been driving her crazier and crazier, to the point she’ll do anything to moisten the inside of her mouth. But after impulsively planting a kiss on her best friend Wyatt during an intended gaming session at his house, Emma discovers it actually helps more than anything so far.

How far will she go to get the same relief again… and if kissing helps, what else could she do that solves her increasingly mind numbing dilemma?


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Now that Emma is eighteen as of just over a week ago, her mother has insisted that she finally go on birth control. And while it’s not like Emma has any plans to sleep with anyone, there’s no arguing the point so she’s been adjusting to the pill each day.

But if dealing with the other girls in school teasing good girl Emma for going on birth control wasn’t bad enough, if dealing with her best friend and practically brother from another mother, Wyatt’s teasing as well wasn’t annoying enough, Emma has had a severely increasing side effect in the form of dry mouth.

As she heads over to Wyatt’s with him to hang out and play video games as they usually do, the dry mouth is seriously only getting worse and regardless how minor an inconvenience it is, it’s seriously starting to drive her crazy. There’s just no focusing on anything else, no concentrating or even hoping to concentrate until she figures out some sort of solution for dry mouth.

Drinking something tends to help while she’s drinking it, but afterwards the dry mouth returns with a vengeance. Sucking on ice cubes has helped but it seems to be helping less and less the more she tries it. And so when she complains that even her own tongue isn’t helping with the dry mouth anymore, Wyatt’s snarky remark about maybe someone else’s tongue would help pushes Emma to do something she’d never ever ordinarily do.

Leaning over, before Wyatt can even finish laughing about his comment playing his game, Emma plants a big kiss right on his lips. As she puts it immediately after ending the sudden smooch, it’s just driving her crazy, but what she can’t explain is why such a crazy impulsive act actually seemed to very briefly relieve the dry mouth.

Trying to figure it out, possibly the warmth and the wetness of someone else’s mouth, Emma heads to Wyatt’s kitchen to just get some ice cubes and deal with it the way she has dealt with it before. But when Mr. Thomas, Wyatt’s dad steps in from outside, she just can’t resist trying it again, pulling the older man into a very unexpected kiss.

Humiliated by what she did, she’s soon back with Wyatt, unable to even think about gaming, her mind both obsessed with the only solutions she has found so far and the persistent dry mouth which is becoming only more and more insanely extreme by the minute.

But just how far can a simple side effect to birth control push a good girl like Emma, and how will she handle this increasing dilemma between herself, her best friend, and her best friend’s dad?

One thing is certain, in the end her dry mouth might be taken care of only when Emma is no longer a very good girl at all.

Readers Choice Month tackles the troubles of dry mouth in a way that leaves a girl wet.


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