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Managing the Equipment by Kris P. Kreme

Managing the Equipment by Kris P. Kreme

When gym member Ami turns into a real bitch over not being able to use the weight equipment before Rick has properly cleaned and sanitized it, she sets off a series of stressful events that push the equipment manager too far.

Lashing out, Rick grabs both Ami and the fancy new vacuum he has yet to even try out. Shoving the vacuum hose in her mouth, he turns it on and shockingly Ami is sucked completely empty.

Yet he can fix her, Rick can reinflate the empty angry Ami, and that is just the beginning of how Ami goes from nagging gym bitch to popular new gym equipment, the kind of equipment sure to get any man’s heart rate up.


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After the pandemic became a worldwide occurrence, businesses everywhere closed and had to stay closed for an extended time. Yet when her gym closed, a young girl named Ami had her regular routine workouts ruined for several months and she returned with both an attitude and a complete lack of patience for the new policies in place.

Rick has always done his best as the equipment manager for several of an old friend’s gyms, but after the virus, few people were returning and of the ones that were, there were either the patient ones or the complete bitches like Ami.

As a member, he fully knows she has every right to use the equipment, but he also has a very strict cleaning regimen that has to be completed. All equipment needs to be cleaned, wiped down, sanitized, and wiped down again and sometimes like today that means a gym member has to wait for using certain equipment.

But it’s been a stressful time for everyone in recent months, and Rick has been pushed further and further by the entitled arrogance of a young bitch like Ami. She’s the type who probably well before a pandemic only thought of herself, and afterwards spent those months stewing because her own interests were interrupted… but when she happens to notice Rick doing what pretty much any guy would do and checking out her body, Ami takes things too far and threatens to report him and get him fired for leering at her like a pervert about to commit a sex crime against her.

Demeaned, insulted, pushed too far, and called a janitor, Rick reacts just as poorly as she may have to his explaining the rules regarding gym equipment cleaning. Rick lashes out and grabs the hose of a fancy new sanitizing vacuum cleaner the gym owner left for newer equipment cleaning. It’s a very powerful machine, unlike any he’s used, but even he might be surprised at what shoving such a suction hose in Ami’s mouth does to the sexy gym bitch.

Nearly instantly she’s practically sucked empty, left as a formless shell of her former sexy self, but the angry equipment manager can fix that, and more.

Ami always wanted to use whatever equipment she wanted, whenever she wanted, regardless of anyone else’s safety, regardless of any inconvenience to others. Yet thanks to Rick and the cleaning equipment he manages, Ami herself might just become the gym’s favorite new piece of quite specialized equipment.

Using her is sure to get your blood pumping and you’re bound to work up a sweat. But remember, always clean Ami after use, and leave her for the next member to enjoy.

Readers Choice Month reminds readers there are plenty of ways to work out during the pandemic, but only one way truly exercises all the stress out of your system. Too bad Ami discovered that the best way to stay flexible was to become the very equipment she selfishly wanted all to herself.


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