Jul 08 2019

The Shack welcomes Readers to Dock for a while

Docking at the Shack by Kris P. Kreme

Docking at the Shack by Kris P. Kreme

Anastasia Adams has been spoiled since birth. Now that she’s eighteen and soon to head off to college, she’s been manipulating and teasing a pair of wealthy brothers, deciding between them for who to allow the privilege of being her boyfriend.

Yet when a poorly planned trip out on her father’s luxury speedboat leaves them unsure of their bearings, fighting stormy seas to dock at a place called The Seamen Shack, all three will discover the Good Times of a relationship they never had until that very moment.

Readers Choice Month speeds right into a place where every time is a Good Time.


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Anastasia Adams is as spoiled a rich girl as you might ever meet, as gorgeous as she might be considered manipulative. However when she schemes to play a pair of rich boy brothers in order to determine which one will get the honor of being her boyfriend heading off to college, Anastasia Adams may discover she can be more than just spoiled, she can be ruined.

The weather isn’t looking ideal as Anastasia plots with her best friend Tessa at her daddy’s dock, having chosen the luxurious speed boat for today’s final exercise in a game she has been playing for months with brothers Bradley and Tyler.

Only a year apart, both are heir to their father’s fortune, handsome in their own ways, perfect partners for a manipulative beautiful girl like Anastasia. Since her own family wealth comes from boating, from being on the sea, she has decided that whichever of the brothers can best handle a trip on her father’s fancy speedboat which in truth is more yacht than speedboat, will win her affection.

Of course as Anastasia makes clear, it’s not going to be too much affection, no boy getting claim to her virginity so easy. Tessa as always is the logical minded one, but Tessa isn’t the decider of the pair of friends, and reluctantly with the promise of getting first dibs on the loser of today’s excursion, Tessa watches Anastasia, Bradley, and Tyler speed off into a building sea.

After some alcohol and choppy seas, the three pass out and wake to find lightning and thunder in the area, the night sky offering no clue as to where they are. Only the distant light of a small dock promises a clue how to return to where they came from. And so Anastasia Adams gets to see what real men Bradley and Tyler are as they have to handle an unknown situation at sea, pulling into the dimly lit dock, a distant structure with no power the only around for miles up and down the nearby beach.

But when the seemingly friendly owner of that place meets them on the dock, is everything really on the up and up? Why does this Jack Jones guy keep saying those two special words, working them into nearly every sentence he speaks? Is it really because it has become just a bit of a slogan about his establishment The Seamen Shack? Or is he subtly using his words to forever alter the relationship between Anastasia Adams and those two brothers?

When the dock lights are restored from the nearby storm knocking them out, everything becomes so much clearer. But is there a chance Anastasia is ready for the real Good Times to begin?

Readers Choice Month takes you to where the good times never end and the manipulative virgin rich girls meet their end. More than the free drinks are flowing when Docking at the Shack.


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