Minutes After SINtendo… nothing is the same…

Minutes Later... SINtendo Avatar Ava by Kris P. Kreme

Minutes Later… SINtendo Avatar Ava by Kris P. Kreme

Minutes ago, Ava became the perverse slut she’d inadvertently created in her online dating profile. Tricked by her twin daughters’ boyfriends she was quick to jump their bones the moment the boys brought the girls home from the movies.

Yet now it’s time to set her daughters straight, to show them for the cute little dolls they are, quite literally and who better to forever ruin them than their own mother Ava?

Yes it’s SINtendo showing once again that dating is not a game, but definitely can have winners and losers, the latest to lose their minds Erin and Erika, thanks to Ava giving her daughters all new twisted dating profiles of their own.


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Not too many minutes ago, Ava was a loving responsible mother of twin girls Erin and Erika. But that was before she was tricked into filling out a dating profile through SINtendo by Erin’s boyfriend Rider. The truth was that both Rider and Erika’s boyfriend Justin were only dating the girls to get to the hot milf they always had eyes for.

Just minutes ago Ava climbed off their dicks, riding those boys like never before, loving the fact she still soaked in their seed, hoping they’d knocked her up. But when Erin and Erika saw the slutty whorish milf their mom had become, they quickly passed out, and while that provided some sordid fun for the boys after Ava was done, she’s determined to give her little dolls their own dating profiles to forever make them mere toys to enjoy.

So as her eighteen year old pride and joys lay passed out and helpless to the fondling and fun Rider and Justin are wearing themselves out with, Ava has a photo of the two and is creating a joint dating profile where a series of questions will be answered in predictably perverse ways, forever altering the girls into little more than literal sex toys.

Ava is determined to show that playing with dolls is not just for girls, even if Ava might just be giving her new dolls a workout in ways they’ll never recover from herself. From sweet loving mother to cruel dominant slut, Ava is loving every second of the purposely misdirected dating profiles she creates for Erin and Erika.

And when at last the girls wake up, it probably won’t be for long as Ava has some final words of motherly advice, before setting her little twin dolls straight, and forever making sure they will never look like each other again.

Readers Choice Month takes you not Days Later… but mere Minutes Later… for the very first time, to the wonderful world of SINtendo dating, where date night is sure to end quite happy, if sloppy for sure.


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