Jul 12 2019

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The Life Coach by Kris P. Kreme

The Life Coach by Kris P. Kreme

Penelope Price has always been sure of herself, but faced with the prospects of finally breaking out into the real world, college behind her, she decides she could always benefit from a life coach.

Meeting with Richard Rogers, or Coach Dick as he prefers to be called, Penelope, or Penny as she soon becomes known is accepting his every word of advice, following his ten steps over five sessions, finding a strange logic which leads her to an even stranger conclusion.

Will she ever realize how fast she is changing her entire persona or will Penny gleefully descend into the type of girl she never was, thanks to… The Life Coach?


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Recent graduate with advanced degrees, Penelope Price is soon to face the job market, to never again follow the university’s rules, someone else’s rules, but to pave her own path. And to take that step, the confident proper young woman has decided that she could benefit from the advice of a Life Coach.

Having researched the available ones in her state, she was relieved to discover that driving several cities away wouldn’t be necessary, one of the highest praised life coaches around locally in a downtown high rise office, Richard Rogers.

Yet soon after meeting Richard Rogers, she can already tell his five week training is going to certainly be outside the box. Insisting he be called Coach Dick, the first lesson he instructs Penelope in is in accepting his advice, not questioning it, taking it more than just as suggestion but as a firm request.

In fact he explains that the whole premise of his success is based on the fact there are penalties to refusing or fighting what he suggests. It’s how just a five week course can fully transform Penelope into the strong woman she was meant to be. If she should refuse or question and generally fight the positive change he sets to bring about for her, the price charged for her meetings with him will triple.

But as Coach Dick explains he has an exceptional success rate, with many young women in just her time of life, at that point where she’s stepping out on her own and needs to determine her life goals.

Agreeing to the unorthodox five week course, her very first session is that day, during which Coach Dick explains that stepping outside her comfort zone is important. And so he calls her Penny, a name she never has been called and one she isn’t particularly fond of.

Each session will take place as a conversation and questions, the small element of discomfort in a rather blinding flickering desk lamp aimed her way insuring that her mind will focus and therefore be more willing to accept his life coaching.

Coach Dick promises two steps per session, for ten total steps into becoming who Penny Price was meant to be, and steps one and two seem normal enough, accepting the name Penny, trying it out, and coming next time with a little makeup, being unafraid to dress and style herself more femininely.

But the following week when step three challenges her to be unafraid of feeling sexy, of being sexy, and step four challenges her to dress even more revealing than she already has, is Penny right to be unsure of The Life Coach?

Refusing to question the advice, determined to make all five sessions without incurring a penalty fee, without Coach Dick feeling like she’s refusing to accept his professional opinion, Penny soon is finding out just how true his advice is.

Clothing really does hold her back, calling herself degrading names really does take the power of those words away from others… and when she arrives for her final session, Penny Price is in for quite the surprise as not on has she fully embraced all his suggested steps but Coach Dick even has a direct line to her future employment.

The future may have always been a little uncertain, but Penny Price is certainly going to have quite the fulfilling career even if not the career she ever expected, thanks to The Life Coach.

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