Jul 06 2019

The Zone awaits Readers this month

Tales from the Kremey Zone Bonus Episode by Kris P. Kreme

Tales from the Kremey Zone Bonus Episode by Kris P. Kreme

The strange and unusual are flowing in full force with this special Bonus Episode of Tales from the Kremey Zone, just in time for Readers Choice Month.

Alison Chase is a responsible mother working endless hours, driving from place to place for her job this summer. But when she picks up a friendly hitchhiker named Simon to talk and keep her focused during a mind numbing rainstorm one night she may forever change her taste in travel.

Is it the endless rambling talking that has her suddenly so thirsty, so unfocused, so strangely considering what she is considering? Or is there something else about Simon that has them both happily Heading Down the Road.


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Hosted by the Kreme Keeper, Readers Choice Month brings viewers and readers alike a brand new Bonus Episode of those blinks in both time and reality when the strange and unusual takes over in ways most carnal and corrupting.

For this episode we join an average woman, hardworking, mother of a daughter about to head off to college, realizing the strain and stress affording such a thing can do to someone. She’s taken on jobs everywhere, traveling to conventions across the country, serving as the hostess and escort to direct others in the various conventions while they are there.

Alison Chase has never shied away from pushing herself further, especially for work, yet a persistently drizzly rainy night has her nodding off, fearful of falling asleep at the wheel, needing something to shake herself fully awake, to keep her focused as she heads on down the road.

Yet picking up a hitchhiker alone on a lonely stretch of interstate possibly isn’t the right move to make, no matter how harmless the geeky college age kid looks. Simon Sanders is a talkative kid, beyond nice and very willing to share how his friends from college played a mean trick on him, taking off without him at the last rest stop.

However as this kid keeps talking, his sentences running together more than the rain on the windshield, Alison Chase begins to suspect there’s something more to his stories of what his friends accused him of. As he puts it, they claimed he talked so much it made their girlfriends in the car with them stupid, that he literally talked them dumb, but Simon swears that isn’t possible, and he probably is telling the truth.

So just why is Alison soon pulling over, offering to let Simon drive for a while… and even more disturbing why is responsible mother of a girl nearly Simon’s age leaning over the center console showing him the real meaning of HEADING down the road? Something very much out of the ordinary is taking place and without knowing it Alison Chase may be on the road to… The Kremey Zone.

Readers Choice Month reminds readers to always keep your eyes aHEAD while on the road this summer.


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