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Hitting the Beach Bimbo by Kris P. Kreme

Hitting the Beach Bimbo by Kris P. Kreme

Zoey thinks she’s found the perfect summer job for her and boyfriend Zane. A production company is looking for students willing to wear their beach best and perform in a safety film about the dangers of the beach.

Showing up sexy as ever in her bikini, with Zane in tow, Zoey meets the men behind the feature, Stan Gibson and Jarrett McKane who inform her that maybe this little film isn’t quite what she thought, but she can still be the star.

Zane always knew Zoey was a girl he could hit that with as many times as she’d let him, but never did he expect to see what happens when a hundred others are Hitting the Beach Bimbo.


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College sweethearts Zane and Zoey are out for the summer and hoping to find jobs that don’t suck so they can still have a good time. It’s Zoey who believes she has found the perfect opportunity, grabbing all the posted ads all over campus before anyone else saw them, surprising Zane by showing him.

It’s an advertisement for a production company called Fantastical Features Film Company, calling for students willing to wear their swimsuits and film a Beach safety video called Hitting the Beach. Not only does Zoey know that she and Zane will look great in beach attire, the money they are offering to pay for just a one day shoot is over $2000 per person, meaning they could earn more than an entire summer’s worth of income in just one day allowing them much more time to have fun in the months off from school.

Assuming the pay has to be a typo, Zane is always easy to convince when Zoey puts her mind and sexy little body to it, so the pair show up at the requested time at a downtown warehouse studio wearing their beach best, ready to shoot this safety film.

Only, little could either student know that Fantastical Features specializes in a distinct adult style of films and while Stan Gibson directs those kinky little features, the real magic comes from the camera Jarrett McKane uses. As Stan informs them right away though, there definitely is an error on the ad Zoey brings with her, but not the mistake they thought.

It turns out that the printer cut off a word, the title not Hitting the Beach, but Hitting the Beach Bimbo, a short film intended to demonstrate the dangers a beach bimbo can face when left alone on the beach during the summer.

Having expected more coeds to show up, to share the load of this production in more ways than one, Stan leaves it up to the kids to decide, and despite the risk of being labeled a bimbo, Zoey and Zane stick around… at least long enough for Jarrett to fire up the camera, that special little red record light locking these two future stars in place.

Going through the idea he has, the story, the action, Stan Gibson reveals that there are dangers on the beach a bimbo like Zoey could never expect, leaving her boyfriend Zane at the car as she rushes out to the sunny beach, a cheap set they’ve put together in the studio warehouse. As he directs, Zoey literally becomes the less than brainy bimbo for his little movie, and when he reveals the real danger… a prison ship run aground down the beach, Zane can only stand by and watch as dozens and dozens of thoroughly jacked rough looking thuggish extras for this feature walk in, ready to demonstrate the dangers faced by being a helpless horny bimbo incapable of fending off a hundred horny prison escapees ready to hit the beach bimbo.

As Jarrett explains, the title is a double-entendre, but is this a double-entendre that is far more than doubly fateful for Zoey? Will Zane merely grin and enjoy the show as Zoey has some very unsafe sex with massive groups of strange thuggish guys in this supposed beach safety video?

As always, you can count on Stan Gibson and Jarrett McKane to put the ultimate twist into even the shortest feature, a Fantastical Feature just like all the rest they have made.

Readers Choice Month continues with an all important safety short on the dangers faced when Hitting the Beach Bimbo.


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