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The Seamen Shack Good Time Bundle

The Seamen Shack Good Time Bundle

The entire Seamen Shack series in a massive 37,000 word bundle!

The entire Seamen Shack series in a massive 37,000 word bundle!

After the past couple of years, everyone really needs a GOOD TIME. And the secret to a GOOD TIME can be found on a certain beach. There’s a certain shack that guarantees a GOOD TIME, even if it rewrites your past and future forever!

This bundle includes:

The Seamen Shack

A family trip to the coast to spend some time fishing from an old pier takes a terribly twisted turn when they discover The Seamen Shack, a deceptively quaint rustic restaurant where the women offer a lot more than is on the menu.

Shacking Up

Worried about the sorority sisters Katie will soon be shacking up with heading off to college, it might be a different Shack that changes everything for Sandra and Katie. Is it lucky or unlucky when they happen upon Jack Jones, the owner of The Seamen Shack, working on a new beach attraction for his establishment? One thing is certain, both ladies will be getting lucky soon enough…

Docking at the Shack

Anastasia Adams has been spoiled since birth. Now that she’s eighteen and soon to head off to college, she’s been manipulating and teasing a pair of wealthy brothers, deciding between them for who to allow the privilege of being her boyfriend. Yet when a poorly planned trip out on her father’s luxury speedboat leaves them unsure of their bearings, they dock at a place called the Seamen Shack.

Servicing the Beach

When grad students, Laura and younger sister Mackenzie volunteered to help the institute of oceanographic preservation with their Service the Beach project, the brilliant intelligent sisters could never imagine it might end up being the dumbest decision of their lives. Will a mysterious shed called the Tanning Shack offer an unexpected but welcome solution, stocked full of old tanning oils?


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