It’s fun to be playing with a Doll

All Dolled Up by Kris P. Kreme

All Dolled Up by Kris P. Kreme

Bethany never minded moving in with Harris’ somewhat crude roommate Manny, especially since they are engaged to be married and her dad is their landlord.

But during the month of July something strange might be happening to her, and it all begins after Manny brings home an advertisement for a sex doll called a Good Time Bethany Doll.

Much more than the name is familiar as Bethany and Harris see that inexplicably the doll looks just like her. It’s something she simply can’t get out of her mind… and even more, it might be something she ultimately can’t escape the fate of becoming.

It’s Readers Choice Month; time for a Good Time.


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The month of July starts as most months do for Harris, with the landlord of the home he rents walking in and demanding rent. Though things are not always what they seem as the demands quickly get squashed by Harris’ fiancée Bethany.

Such things should be expected when Bethany’s dad just happens to be the landlord and that landlord Ryan is really just there for the monthly ritual of cooking a batch of bacon on the first.

Everything in life has been great for all of them since Harris met Bethany, the beautiful brunette daughter of his landlord who owns the home next door as well. In fact the only downside to their situation any of them could see probably has to do with Harris’ unfortunately immature roommate who still lives there even if Bethany has moved in.

Manny has never been the best guy for impressing Bethany’s parents, or really any parents, since Manny has no filter on what he says and spends most of his free time at a strip club place out on the coast.

Yet this month is different, Manny amused by something he just won’t spill the details on, making all sorts of seemingly lewd comments about Bethany getting all dolled up for the wedding in a number of months.

It isn’t until days later when Bethany has been bothered by all the comments of doll or getting dolled up that her fiancée Harris gets to the root of what has Manny so amused lately. And shortly after that is when he sits down and shows Bethany the rather weird advertisement sheet Manny found recently at that adult entertainment venue on the coast.

It’s a page advertising a brand new new top quality silicon sex doll, one of those dolls that looks so real it’s downright freaky. The problem is, this doll is called a Good Time Bethany Doll, and it happens to look exactly like Bethany, down to almost every detail.

It’s nothing Harris says, just a funny coincidence no one will remember in a few weeks or so, and even if it is remarkably bizarre it shouldn’t bother Bethany so much. Only that’s exactly what it does. Something about the ad sticks with her, the fact men are probably getting off to some sex doll that looks exactly like her, the fact that she is starting to feel more than a bit disturbed whenever she even hears the name of that doll.

As the days of July pass, Bethany keeps getting reminded of that sex doll, nearly every time Manny opens his mouth to make some crude or suggestive comment, and as she finds herself zoning out, feeling nearly numb to the realization of such a duplicate being out there, she also notices strange changes in her fiancée Harris, or more specifically in how he speaks to her, how he acts around her.

Is this all in her mind, or is something happening to forever change their relationship? Could any of it have to do with the Good Time Bethany Doll… or is it even within the realm of reality that she herself is somehow slowly becoming nothing more than a living sex doll?

The answers may ultimately lay at that place on the coast, the increasingly popular strip club and restaurant, the place only Manny has visited… a place called The Seamen Shack.


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