Time to jump into Summer

A Spring in Summer by Kris P. Kreme

A Spring in Summer by Kris P. Kreme

When Nadine and Mindy encouraged their shy responsible friend to get out of the dorms, they didn’t exactly think she’d lead them on a hiking quest through distant woods in search of a natural spring.

They simply wanted to show Summer that a cute coed can have fun outside a book possibly with boys involved, but Summer has no interest in such things.

Yet after finding a natural spring and taking a leisurely swim, something in the water may put all new ideas in Summer’s head.

It’s part of what happens when taking a nude swim in the waters of a Trance-tory property. One thing is certain, before the trip is over, they’ll be more than just A Spring in Summer.


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Summer’s never been the typical college coed, at least according to her rather prissy and slutty friends, Nadine and Mindy.

The two of them were doing their best to get Summer out of the dorms, to get her to loosen up and have some fun, though they had only intended her to maybe go to a party or something, not get the three of them lost in the middle of the forest.

Summer has never had much interest in boys, even if as Nadine points out, plenty of boys would have an interest in her since she’s got a great body. She’s far too mature, too focused on the right things, and just too respectful of herself to spend her time worrying about guys. But just because she’s shy and prefers not to be around guys doesn’t mean Summer has no interests outside the dorm.

That’s why she has led Nadine and Mindy on a traveling trip upstate to a large forest preserve where they currently have been seeking out a natural spring to make camp near for the night.

Nadine and Mindy couldn’t be less interested in hiking, in fighting off the bugs or heat. They simply had encouraged Summer to get out of her shell, leave the dorm some and that’s just what all three of them have done, civilization far away, and most satisfying to Summer all those simpleminded college boys with one thing on their minds far away as well.

By the time the three finally come across the mystery spring in the middle of the forest, Nadine and Mindy are just ready to put up tents and climb inside, exhausted and frustrated by the trip they never wanted to go on But Summer is ready to enjoy a nice evening swim, and that is where an otherwise relaxing time in the woods may get a bit tense.

Entirely unaware of just what spring they have happened upon, Summer could never imagine that this is the very spring that serves as source water for Trance-tory Tap Water, the bottled water with the kick that is at least according to labels ‘guaranteed to get you tapped’.

It begins with tingly sensations as Summer is swimming, a drunken sensation as the spring water laps against her, an even more extreme disconnect with her surroundings as she drifts aimlessly and ultimately ends up on shore half dressed, seated on a rock slipping into sleep.

It’s Bobby and Cletus who find Summer the next morning, and as employees of the Trance-tory Tap Water processing facility down the old dirt road, they know exactly why she is the way she is.

Unfortunately for Summer, though fortunately for the both of them, she was directly exposed to Trance-tory Tap Water at the source, which is a powerful exposure, and now she needs to be processed.

But just what will this processing involve, and what will all of this mean for Summer’s future? Will she ever see Nadine and Mindy again? Will she find a new future in the processing plant for a most refreshing bottled water?

It’s summer, and nothing beats the heat like a good natural spring water. So grab one Readers and witness one shy coed forever changing as she gets A Spring in Summer.


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