It’s a SIN to be SlothFULL

SINtendo SlothFULL by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SlothFULL by Kris P. Kreme

Nick, Hannah, and Jake are roommates, though while Nick and Hannah have always been driven and goal oriented, Jake tends to be a fairly harmless slacker, content to nap the day away and do nothing.

But when a mysterious game shows up that somehow leaves Hannah dead on the floor, will Jake do something he never could have imagined to bring her back to life?

Is Hannah really dead, where did this mystery game come from that did her in, and what will Nick thinks when he comes home to find his girlfriend getting woken quite FULLy?

It’s a SINfully all new SINtendo for Readers Choice Month. So don’t be a lazy sloth… read it.


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Jake fully accepts that he’s a confirmed slacker, in every sense of the word. He’s the most easygoing generally lazy guy anyone could ever meet, content to take his morning nap, afternoon nap, basically finding new ways to nap and do nothing quite frequently.

It’s quite the opposite for his longtime best friend and roommate Nick, as well as their female roommate who just happens to be Nick’s girlfriend, Hannah. The two of them have been quite driven in their goals, going for Masters Degrees after graduation, where Jake has just been cool chilling around their place most days.

On a day like any other when Jake is trying to get his morning nap in, something clearly is disturbing the perfect happy life Nick and Hannah supposedly have together, their arguing really harshing the usually mellow attitude Jake has.

As their somewhat loud argument reaches a climax, Hannah kicks Nick from her room telling him to go study at the library on campus, that she’s gonna stay in her room all day, and Jake’s nap has officially been ended at least for the moment.

It’s a few minutes later, popping the cap of a soda, chilling out with Nick before he leaves to go study that Jake finds out what the big argument was all about.

As Nick puts it, the whole thing was just an overreaction Hannah had to some kinky roleplay he’d thought up to spice up their alone time. Hannah has never been too loose when it comes to having fun and Nick famously has always liked playing little kinky games, but this one apparently went too far it seems.

All because Nick wanted to play the burglar who broke in and killed Hannah, then had a little not so innocent fun with her dead body. Like he explains to Jake, it’s not like anything was real about it, and all she’d have to do is play dead and lay there. Since Hannah is such a high strung always demanding personality, the idea of her laying there and taking it is definitely a turn on.

Still Hannah freaked the hell out and now everything is ruined. It’s shortly after Nick heads off to the library that Jake is disturbed from yet another nap by someone hammering at their door. With Hannah refusing to leave her room, Jake reluctantly breaks with his code of truly doing nothing and goes to open the door.

Only nobody is there, only a little primitive looking handheld device leaning on the floor against the door frame. Picking up the little item, Jake quickly realizes it’s some sort of handheld gaming device, and it has a strangely amusing title considering he’d already been referred to as a sloth several times for being so lazy all the time.

SINtendo SlothFULL it seems is a game for adults only, one where the game player must re-energize the dead lifeless corpses of any woman they choose to play with. The woman will become sloths, and the goal is to fuck them FULL of life.

Jake’s oddly fascinated that such a primitive looking little handheld gaming device which looks as though it would have been made for kids actually printed out the word fuck on screen when explaining how the game works. But he’s a lot more surprised when he inadvertently pushes the start button and a wave of intensity flows throughout him, muscles tensing, energy flowing, and all desire for a nap vanishing.

What’s stranger is that he suddenly has the biggest erection he thinks he ever had, and with all this energy he might as well see what this SlothFULL game is all about. But things quickly take a bizarre twist when the little game behaves like a GPS device and locates the nearest available sloth, an icon blinking right about where Hannah would be studying in her room.

Just what will happen when Jake touches that blinking icon, and just where did the game come from? Most importantly, if Hannah drops dead, can Jake fight off his natural inclinations to do nothing all day and spend the day fucking life back into her beautiful dead body?

It’s an all new twisted game that has an equally twisted ending for Readers Choice Month. Remember not to spend the summer laying around doing nothing, otherwise you may just end up truly SlothFULL.


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