It’s time to get a little Krude

Writer's Blocked by Kris P. Kreme

Writer’s Blocked by Kris P. Kreme

When writer’s block strikes it can torment anyone, especially online erotica author Krass B. Krude.

He spins popular tales of twisted depravity in everyday life, the more twisted the better, but today he’s desperately seeking inspiration for his next story.

Fortunately an idea comes when the cute neighbor girl brings home a stuffed bunny she meant to leave in her room while packing for college. And so the tale of Bella and Mr. Hoppy is created, Mr. Hoppy possessed by a punished demon who was too nice to humans.

But as Krass B. Krude writes the real source of his inspiration may find her life forever changing.


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There can be nothing more frustrating to a writer who has the energy and motivation to write but simply can’t find the inspiration for what to write. It can truly drive a man crazy, but for one man, when his inspiration finally comes, even crazier things may happen to those who inspired him.

Known the world over as online erotica author Krass B. Krude, he isn’t known to his neighbors as such. A fairly quiet guy, he’s for years made his living by exploring the truly twisted and perverse, giving those fantasies life in his fun little sexually crazy tales. But on a day when he just can’t find the inspiration, even if the arousal is there, this struggling author is getting desperate for some sort of idea.

For a story to be a Krass B. Krude tale, it has to have a twist, a hook, something that lures the readers in and of course a sinfully cute lead character never hurts. For the man known as Krass, he has to find some inspiration if his day of planned writing is ever going to go off well, and that is why he finds himself looking out the windows at his neighborhood.

Sometimes inspiration can come from those around him. Not long ago he’d been inspired by the son of a neighbor’s girlfriend when he caught her wearing a bikini top on a visit to his house. Unfortunately it had seemed that they broke up soon after that fun tale of the breast swelling bikini had been written. So now it really looks as though nothing will solve the writer’s block and it’s a shame too because the creative juices are flowing.

It’s when he notices the neighbors across the street sitting on their porch reading the newspaper that he realizes today must be one of those free newspaper days, where everyone gets one to try and spur more readership. Sure enough one on his porch has him assuming there is plenty of inspiration to be found among its pages.

However stepping out for the paper, greeting his neighbors across the way, inspiration comes as it most often does from the most unlikely sources. As they are talking, that neighbor’s beautiful young daughter pulls up, having been making trips of taking her stuff off to college, leaving home for the first time at eighteen.

Bella was always a beautiful sweet girl who had a smile for everyone and an innocent face that could melt the toughest guy’s heart. And when he sees her happily hopping out of her car wearing the pure white little summer dress and carrying a stuffed animal she mistakenly had packed and wants to put back in her room, writer’s block is cured.

Grinning, heading back inside right away to hit the keyboard before the ideas slip away, the next Krass B. Krude masterpiece is becoming reality. It’s a tale where for many years a demon was punished for being too weak when it came to cruelty, punished by being trapped within a stuffed little bunny.

The demon had watched Bella grow into a beautiful yet sadly innocent young woman, of age now and off to discover her own life, but not before he had some words with her. The demon that lived within Mr. Hoppy knew that a virgin sacrifice would be the way to most impress his peers and Bella was a sweet virgin, just not for long. He’d been a childhood toy, but childhood was over and it was time she become the toy for men everywhere.

It’s the beginning to a great story, truly twisted, one that will have the inspired innocence and beauty of Bella truly ruined in all sorts of perverse little supernatural ways. It was a common trait of Krass B. Krude’s writing, but what he never suspects is that as he is busy typing away the tale of the fictional Bella, across the street as she puts Mr. Hoppy away, fiction may just be merging with reality.

Will Krass B. Krude write another popular tale inspired by innocent encounters? Will young Bella decide to make sure every man in the neighborhood knows just how much she’ll miss them now that she’s going away to college? And will Mr. Hoppy show just what a depraved demon he can be?

It’s Readers Choice Month so find out in the latest mini-masterpiece by Krass B. Krude… er… Kris P. Kreme.


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