The delivery costs are… draining…

Brain Drain Delivery by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Delivery by Kris P. Kreme

With his daughter away at school for the first time, Alec Kent figures sending some books and things from home will help her feel more comfortable.

But Zoey Kent may end up feeling a whole lot more than just comfortable after Alec uses a seemingly joke shipping company to produce labels he merely intended to tease her with, the two having a long history of kidding around.

Brain Drain Delivery offers absolutely free overnight shipping anywhere in the country… but there’s still a cost, and in the end it may cost Alec more than it costs his daughter.

Key words: Readers Choice Month, Brain Drain, pranks gone wrong, unintended effects, sweet to slutty, fertility control, loss of morality, intelligence loss, bimbo behavior, threesome, family corruption, twist ending, etc…


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Over 6,500 Brain Draining words!

Alec Kent has always had a very healthy relationship with his daughter Zoey. Now that she’s away at college for the first time, he’s keeping in touch and making sure everything is good. But thanks in part to his own actions, she may soon end up being very very bad.

With her mother out of the picture for most of Zoey’s formative years, and just the two of them at home, both Alec and Zoey were quite the pair. They kidded and joked about everything, Zoey definitely getting her dad’s sense of humor.

However now that Zoey is at his old college all the way across the country, Alec is already anticipating the phone pranks they might play on each other. Chatting about how it is to be away from home, Zoey inspires Alec with an idea, one that unknowingly will lead to quite permanent consequences neither will be joking about.

Suggesting he send over some boxes of items from her room back home, some old books of his when he attended the same university, Alec just knows it’s the perfect way to help Zoey feel better being so far away. And Zoey is quite appreciative, even if she knows it will take some time to have anything shipped across the entire country.

Yet it’s when she puts an end to the sappy talk by playing one of her characteristic over the top jokes that has Alec thinking of some sorta payback. Kidding about an all night Frat party with a theme she has to get ready for, Zoey makes up the theme Bimbo Breeding, her typical little smile quite visible in her voice, Zoey getting Alec all bothered.

Still, Alec knows his daughter is just hiding the anxiety of being so far away and he definitely is going to send her some boxes of stuff to help her both inside and outside the classroom. Collecting some things from her room, adding in a number of books, Alec soon has three big file boxes ready to ship.

The only problem is the shipping. With boxes as big and heavy as these, it will either take forever to get there or cost a fortune to ship… at least he thinks until he sees a shipping option he has never heard of called Brain Drain Delivery.

According to the website, Brain Drain Delivery can deliver a big package no matter the tight budget, and they even offer free overnight shipping.

In disbelief at such promises, Alec is even more confused by the way things are worded, the shipping calculator making mention of determining how much of the receiver’s brain needs to be drained in order to ship for free.

Alec quickly figures out that this site clearly is some sort of elaborate joke, especially when the site offers totally free shipping on his three boxes if he uses the interactive sliders on the site to supposedly make adjustments to his daughter Zoey.

Figuring she is owed a little payback for the frat party joke on the phone, Alec decides to go ahead and use the sliders to print up these obviously fake shipping labels, then tell Zoey all about it.

But after snapping some pictures of the boxes with labels on them waiting to be picked up on his porch, Alec is surprised to find out that apparently Zoey has heard of Brain Drain before and sounds oddly freaked out about him even messing around with such things online.

Assuming she’s trying to turn the joke around, Alec hardly pays attention to the sounds of footsteps on the porch, to the man from the pink delivery truck picking up each box and scanning the labels.

Yet when each scanned label seems to somehow change how Zoey acts on the phone and what she says, is Alec going to discover that he unknowingly just made his smart young daughter into exactly the bimbo all the boys on campus are gonna love breeding? Or is it just another prank?

Readers Choice Month is delivered all over the world, but fortunately it doesn’t cost the minds of those closest to you… at least unless you use Brain Drain Delivery.


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