Ya’ Know Readers…

Ya' Know by Kris P. Kreme

Ya’ Know by Kris P. Kreme

A new transfer student in young teacher Jenny’s English Lit class has a frustrating habit of frequently interjecting the words Ya’ Know into his sentences when speaking.

But are those words somehow having an effect on everyone in the class including her? And how extreme can those effects possibly get within just one week at school?

Readers Choice Month reminds you to always speak properly… and behave improperly, at least when you have a seriously hot English Lit teacher… Ya’ Know?

Key words: Readers Choice Month, hot for teacher, mind control, reality control, slowly paced changes, behavior changes, sweet to slutty, public places, gang bang, whore transformation, twist ending, etc…


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Every boy in Jenny’s 12th Grade English Lit class is quick to agree that she’s the best looking teacher in school, and sure to inspire any boy to pay attention in class. Yet after a new late transfer student, Jamal, arrives, Jenny may soon be inspiring them to do a whole lot more.

On Monday Jamal arrives and is introduced, though he’s quickly embarrassed by having a bad speech habit of his pointed out by both the teacher, Jenny, and that teacher’s pet, top student, Amy.

It seems that Jamal is guilty of using ‘lazy phrases’ as Jenny called them last semester, interjecting the words ya’ know multiple times whenever he is speaking publicly. As Jenny puts it, everyone uses them from time to time, space fillers like um or like. But Jamal seriously does not like feeling ridiculed his first day, and the bitchy princess Amy and her goody goody teacher Jenny are soon going to pay.

Each day Jamal arrives to English Lit with special plans, and each day his plans unfold slowly through the use of his ‘lazy phrase’ changing more than just the attitudes of Jenny and her students.

But will anyone think anything of just what has become commonplace during class time by the time Friday rolls around? Will Jenny be bringing all new meaning to the phrase pop quiz? Will Amy go from top of her class to bottom of morality?

Read this all new Readers Choice tale and you’ll surely find out the answer… Ya’ Know?


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