Jul 06 2018

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Seated by Kris P. Kreme

Seated by Kris P. Kreme

Wanting to play a trick on his innocent girlfriend Beth, Ryan may just put an immediate end to that innocence after buying a high quality prank chair called a Sex Seat.

Supposedly it can give orgasms to any woman that sits in it based off their specific weight in the chair, and when it turns out the advertising is very true, both Beth and Ryan may end up taking things a lot further than they ever imagined.

It’s Readers Choice Month, so take some time to relax and what better way to relax than by staying sinfully Seated?


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Ryan’s girlfriend Beth is literally one of the sweetest most innocent girls around, which makes the prank he has planned for her all the more exciting.

He knows she probably never suspected before they began dating just how into little pranks and jokes he was, but it’s something Ryan has long been enjoying with jokes on family members, friends, and fellow employees.

It just so happens that a fellow employee hooked him up with the catalog where he found the item that will surely make for a hilariously blushing moment for poor Beth.

Having been away as counselor to kids at a summer church camp, Beth knew that Ryan was going to be refurnishing his apartment, getting a new modern look going with things like a new TV, couch, and more. Yet when Ryan saw the prank chair in that catalog he knew it was absolutely perfect for giving Beth a real surprise she’ll never forget.

Far more than a mere whoopee cushion, this chair has a built in vibration function that is specially tuned to the weight of any woman that sits on it. Called a Sex Seat, the joke is really simple. When Beth sits down, her weight on the finely tuned springs will create ultimate comfort, putting her at ease. Yet the little remote Ryan has once activated will cause special built in nano speakers to resonate exactly the right frequency based on her weight in the chair and according to instructions give her a quite unexpected orgasm.

It’s the most elaborate prank he ever bought into, the chair not cheap looking, and not cheaply made as far as he can tell. But when Beth shows up and takes the bait, sitting on the chair… is Ryan going to be the one getting truly surprised by just how his sweet conservative church loving girlfriend reacts?

There’s something relaxing about taking a seat, unless the seat is taking you, and pretty soon Beth may be forever losing her good girl values thanks to the mind numbing pleasure of more orgasms than she can count. It’s just what happens when you order a prank chair from Trance-tory.


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