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Whore-th of July by Kris P. Kreme

Whore-th of July by Kris P. Kreme

When Cassandra wakes up on July 4th with no memory of whose bed she is in or how she got there, panic turns to horror with her realizing she has cheated on her husband with some big black guy named Ivan.

But Ivan claims he picked her up and paid for her. He proves it by paying her again and suddenly Cassandra finds that once cash touches her, she’s helpless to resist being a whore for whoever wants her.

What is happening to this formerly sweet wholesome wife and mother, what is making her do these things, and why today? Find out in the tale that reminds you to celebrate the Fourth with an enjoyable bang… or several.


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When sweet housewife and mother Cassandra wakes up on the Fourth of July she has no idea just where the day is going to take her… or more specifically where the day already has taken her.

Waking in a strange bed in a strange house with no memory of how she got there, the noisy kids shooting off fireworks outside the barred bedroom window are the least of her worries.

She remembers watching a DVD with her husband, relaxing, hardly anything unusual. They’d spoken about how he always had to work on the Fourth and never got time to spend with the kids… but there’s nothing she can recall after watching the movie… not even the end of the movie.

And now Cassandra finds herself nude under the covers in a strange bed, and for whatever reason there is cash all over that bed. Realizing how sore she is, realizing how bad this all looks, Cassandra is about to find out that something very serious is happening, something she has absolutely no control over.

When the large black man who clearly owns this house returns and finds her awake, he’s friendly but reveals a shocking realization which Cassandra can’t possibly believe… that he picked her up past midnight working the streets and they had quite the eventful night.

Confused, horrified, in flat out denial, Cassandra assumes the man is a criminal and wants to escape, but when in the process of trying she inadvertently touches some of the cash laying on the bed everything changes.

In an instance, Cassandra is grinning and begging for everything she just was terrified of imagining, wanting this man Ivan to do so much to her, to pay her and send her out to do even more.

Yet after willingly whoring herself out, even getting bought and sold to those kids shooting off fireworks outside, Cassandra once again can’t imagine what has happened to her, why she is doing such things.

Only when trying to sneak back into her own home in a better part of town, accidentally colliding with the neighbor’s lawn boy who’s counting his cash does everything become clear.

For whatever reason, Cassandra has somehow gone from good wholesome wife to eager depraved whore, at least once she has any contact with cash. Readers Choice Month reminds you to celebrate responsibly… with a bang this Whore-th of July.


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