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SINtendo Sitter by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Sitter by Kris P. Kreme

Kevin and Amber have a happy marriage, even if few suspect that marriage was based in SINtendo with deviant little secrets in their past. Fortunately those secrets are hidden from most they know, including their three time a week babysitter Cassie.

But when Cassie’s friend Layla convinces her that snooping around and stumbling on Kevin’s porn stash might lead to milking more pay from the friendly guy, an easy job may get a lot more draining.

Shocked when she finds his stash of SINtendo games and systems, Cassie confronts Kevin. However he may have been simply waiting for just such a confrontation.


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Over 6,000 SINtendo words!

Cassie has been babysitting for Mr. Kevin and Miss Amber all year and it’s really a pretty sweet gig since the babies never wake up and she really only needs to just hang out and enjoy herself while at their house. Unfortunately, her friend Layla is about to push Cassie into being a bit too greedy for more pay.

On the phone with Layla, hanging out at Kevin and Amber’s house, Cassie is rolling her eyes at the ideas she comes up with. Like the idea that Kevin is the one always calling her to sit multiple times a week because he secretly harbors naughty fantasies about her.

As Layla puts it, every married man who has a cute teenager spending time in their house probably fantasizes about them. All Cassie needs to do is exploit the fantasy a bit more, exploit Kevin’s weakness for younger girls, and milk the most out of a three time a week babysitting gig so she can buy a new car before college in a few months.

After ending the call, Cassie has to admit, it would be nice to be on campus with a nice car. She’s just not sure about Layla’s recommendations. As Layla put it, men always have a stash of porn videos or something, and if Cassie happens to stumble upon it, she can play the sweet innocent girl act and Kevin will be so embarrassed he’ll up her pay, maybe even pay her more not to say anything to his wife Amber.

Snooping around in closets is usually something she wouldn’t consider but it is just the closet between the living room and kitchen. It’s not like a bedroom closet or anything, she thinks. Yet innocent intelligent Cassie has no idea just how stupid a decision she is about to make searching through that closet.

She finds a stash alright, but not of porn… of Kevin’s extensive SINtendo video game systems and games. As one of the first in this country to ever even see SINtendo when his uncle sent the system to him back when he was Cassie’s age, he has many years worth of exceptionally kinky twisted game titles.

Disgusted and bothered by all the game art, Cassie has convinced herself by the time he and Amber return home that confronting him about it would serve him right. He clearly has more deviant desires and creepy weird interests than even Layla suspected, but what Cassie couldn’t imagine is that Kevin has just been waiting for the opportunity she is about to present.

He may have no plans to cheat on his SINtendo bimbified baby obsessed wife, but that doesn’t mean Cassie isn’t going to be the pawn in a very special game he has been saving, a game called SINtendo Sitter.. and a game that definitely will help her with future babysitting jobs, while accomplishing her goal of milking the most of a good situation.

Readers Choice Month 2018 begins with the name behind the original SINtendo story making a return to teach a snooping sitter a lesson she won’t ever forget. It’s always fun to play games on SINtendo, but never play games with the man who owns one.


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