Jul 20 2018

Release the stress Readers

Stressing the Point by Kris P. Kreme

Stressing the Point by Kris P. Kreme

Readers Choice Month can be stressful but not as stressful as the evening Allison has coming home from summer classes to find her favorite stress balls missing.

After Jodie hides the stress balls in hopes of driving her and Sasha’s roommate out of the apartment, things take a turn for the extreme as Allison uses her hypnotic relaxation music and her hands unknowingly find alternative stress balls in her perky breasts.

After waking and realizing she turned herself into a stretched out freak, rage strikes the stressed coed, and Jodie and Sasha may pay a somewhat kinky price neither were prepared for before it’s all over.


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The stress of college never dies, even in the summer, but a couple of college roommates may end up wishing they were dead after trying to play a prank on their uptight third roommate, Allison.

It’s Jodie who decides to screw around with Allison’s favorite stress balls one day while she’s in one of her summer classes. The redhead has always had a most pronounced hatred of Allison, mostly because of her intense attitude towards everything.

Where their brunette roommate Sasha would prefer to just let Allison live her life no matter how quirky and weird she can be, Jodie is determined to drive her away, to make Allison so upset she leaves and finds a new place to live with new people to annoy.

Hiding her stress balls is clearly the perfect way of doing such a thing, since they both know Allison has a fairly rigorous relaxation routine both morning before classes and when she gets home from classes.

It’s supposed to be some sort of hypnotic trance situation where Allison goes into her room, falls into her little trance listening to her therapy music, and crushes the hell out of her stress balls to remove all annoyances, all the little nuances of a tense day that otherwise can stick with her.

As Jodie puts it, she’s crazy, and what better way to get rid of the crazy roommate than driving her up the wall with no release from all that tension she apparently has all the time. With the stress balls hidden away in the forgotten cabinet above the fridge, today when Allison returns home she’ll have no method of stress relief, and that will push the poor girl over the edge, finally getting her to go off on her own or something.

Unfortunately it does push Allison over the edge as she practically goes nuts tearing the place apart looking for her stress balls later, much to the amusement of Jodie who is planning a special double date with her boyfriend, Sasha, and Sasha’s boyfriend chilling on the couch that evening.

While the two fairly slutty roommates get to having a some fairly frisky fun with their boyfriends, Jodie always quick to push Sasha into loosening up a bit too much, Allison is in her room steaming mad, angered by all the stress which is overwhelming her mind.

Yet when she ends up going ahead with her hypnotic relaxation ritual music, Allison quickly finds an unconscious substitute for her missing stress balls… and also unknowingly begins to cause permanent damage and pleasurable stretching to her own breasts in the process.

While the two more social roommates are getting downright kinky in their group activities in the living room, Allison is going beyond kinky with the freaky heavy sagging tits she is giving herself behind closed doors, and ultimately her stress induced stretching situation may collide with Jodie and Sasha’s in ways none of them ever could expect.

Waking from her relaxation exercise to see what she did to her once perky breasts, a new extreme of stress rises, and when the moans of pleasure reach Allison’s ears, she knows that Jodie and Sasha probably caused all of this.

Just what measures of revenge will Allison take in her clearly crazy state of mind? Just how will the evening progress for Jodie and Sasha? And is there such a thing as going too far when simply Stressing the Point?


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