It’s not always best to be the winner

We've Got a Winner! by Kris P. Kreme

We’ve Got a Winner! by Kris P. Kreme

Jennifer never suspects she may be about to win a prize when she answers the door one day, nor could she ever imagine that the prize will ultimately change everything about her in ways she can’t yet imagine.

When Stan and Jarrett grin and announce “We’ve Got a Winner!” a planned evening of simply enjoying a meal with her husband and his college bound son turns into something much more entertaining, literally.

She is told she has won an opportunity to star in a scene of their upcoming new movie… but just what choice will she have when told it’s a porn movie, and the camera starts to record?


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Jennifer isn’t all that surprised to hear someone at the front door a matter of minutes after her husband Liam has left. She’s busy cooking a pasta dinner with help from Liam’s son Nelson, and ever since they married some years back Liam made it a fun romantic habit to occasionally pop back in pretending to forget something just to have a moment at the door alone with her.

It’s silly and sweet, and Nelson simply thinks his dad is always forgetting something, but today when someone appears at the door, Jennifer isn’t so sure it’s Liam. For one, he’s never been quite gone so long, nearly ten minutes. It’s usually a short gap of time before he pops back pretending to forget something and greeting her with a kiss. And of course her hunch turns out to be correct as Nelson keeps watch in the kitchen and Jennifer is rather stunned to see two men she doesn’t know, one with a big bunch of balloons.

Stan Gibson and his cameraman holding the balloons, Jarrett McKane claim to be from a local movie studio called Fantastical Features, and as Stan enthusiastically tells Jennifer, “We’ve Got a Winner!”

Confused, Jennifer is told that they are randomly choosing homes and if the right person answers, they have won an exclusive chance to appear in their own scene of an upcoming motion picture.

Trying to politely decline, having no interest in whatever ridiculous scam these two are up to, Jennifer can’t get rid of the men before Stan wants to tell her exactly what she has won, though when he grins that fake happy grin and explains the scene Jennifer can partake in for their new Fantastical Features production, she definitely is caught speechless.

As Stan puts it, Jennifer is absolutely perfect for a special scene of her on her knees sucking his cock, following up with a quick titty fuck for cameraman Jarrett.

Shocked and horrified, not to mention very insulted, Jennifer is quick to try and push the men away, holding in her rage as much as she can. It’s creepy and weird enough that Stan is describing her as having large breasts in such crude terms, since obviously as anyone can see, she has fairly small breasts, incapable of the insulting scenario he describes. But it’s worse when Stan keeps right on further and further describing her in ways and positions no self respecting woman would ever be caught in.

However when the men refuse to leave the porch, Jennifer turns to call out for Nelson, figuring her stepson soon to be college athlete can take care of these two creeps with one hand behind his back. He’s clueless about her husband’s funny romantic games, but definitely not about how to tackle the shit out of losers like this.

But just as she is calling out, just as her temper has reached the final lit fuse of anger, that is when cameraman Jarrett presses the large red record button on his fancy movie camera. Almost instantly Jennifer is dropping to her knees begging for exactly what humiliating act she’d just heard narrated by Stan as the scene she won a chance to be in.

Yet as she’ll soon discover, the scene has changed, and will change even more once Nelson comes rushing out to the front door to make sure everything is alright. Just who are these two strangers insisting on offering door to door acting roles, and what will be the ultimate role Jennifer plays in her new life at the end of their short visit?

It’s lights, a very special camera, and plenty of action brought right to your door… it’s Readers Choice Month and the best entertainment might already be right there in your home.


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