The Shack is back…

Shacking Up by Kris P. Kreme

Shacking Up by Kris P. Kreme

Worried about the sorority sisters their daughter Katie will soon be shacking up with heading off to college, it might be a different Shack that changes everything.

Katie isn’t happy to have her mom driving her up the coast to visit the sorority, but she’s less happy when an unexpected blowout in both front tires leaves them stranded an hour away along a desolate shoreline.

Is it lucky or unlucky when they happen upon Jack Jones, the owner of The Seamen Shack, working on a new beach attraction for his establishment? One thing is certain, both ladies will be getting lucky soon enough… and for truly twisted reasons, with most unexpected partners.


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The unexpected Seamen Shack sequel readers were asking for!

On what was to be a pleasant drive up the coast to her daughter Katie’s future college, it’s anything but pleasant with Katie giving the cold shoulder. Always independent, always frustrated at being overly protected, Katie simply wanted to drive up and see her future sorority sisters.

Sandra as well as Katie’s father back home, Nathan, just want the very best for their only child, and have always watched out for her, admittedly maybe a bit too much. They simply wanted to meet the sisters of Delta Tau, where Katie will be pledging and staying in the coming month. Of course Katie sees this trip entirely different, and for both mother and daughter, it may be a trip which certainly defines a difference in their relationship.

Having insisted on wearing a somewhat revealing blue dress, refusing to see the sorority sisters in something less impressive and more conservative, Sandra tries to just explain the concerns, but with Katie she sees things plain and simple. Her father wouldn’t even look at her back home in the dress, refusing to admit his baby girl is all grown up, and her mother is coddling her like an infant and refusing to let her drive up the coast alone.

As it turns out, Katie’s newer car might have been the better choice as Sandra’s not so pleasant drive turns bumpy and then plain bad as blowouts on both front tires leave the two stranded along a desolate stretch of coastal road with hardly any help in sight.

Calling her husband, Nathan says he’ll be on his way, but it might take an hour to catch up to them and that is just too much for impetuous Katie to put up with. Awkwardly climbing a nearby beach berm to look down the coast and hopefully find some more immediately available help, Katie and Sandra soon discover that they just happen to have broken down quite close to a lonely little seaside restaurant looking place called The Seamen Shack.

Even luckier it seems, there is a man leading a work crew closer to their breakdown on the beach, but little do the family members know that the man is none other than Jack Jones, owner and proprietor of a place where you may arrive as family but you leave as something else.

Charming and handsome, Jack Jones is quick to greet the stranded pair with a smile, and even quicker to open up with conversation about his latest venture as a business owner.

The Seamen Shack has always catered to keeping their guests satisfied, in ways Sandra and Katie couldn’t yet imagine, but they also need to take advantage of their seaside location and that’s where the new sand being trucked in and spread leads to a future sandy shored beach in place of the rocky uncomfortable coastline currently covering most of the miles of nearby shore.

As much as Jack would like to chat about the new beach, Katie has no time and wants to know if he can help her get where she is going, to which Jack offers a deal. If Sandra will just take a little walk with him and hear his sales pitch on the brand new beach, he can help them out.

However it isn’t long before such talk about the Good Times that will be had on this beach have Sandra doubting more than just the intentions of a smiling Jack Jones, but doubting herself, her motives, and if she is Katie’s mom or stepmom.

The all new Seamen Shack Slutty Sands of Satisfaction has only just been spread but already a couple of soon to be sluts happen upon it, and with a little creative intervention by Jack, those sluts will be seeing themselves through new eyes, and seeing their relationship entirely different.

Redefining the way Sandra has always been over-protective, Jack rejoins Katie and the girl gets a totally unexpected dose of discipline courtesy of a very dominant Sandra. But just where is this shocking discipline leading… and what will happen when Nathan finally shows up to help his stranded wife and daughter, only to find that he may never have had a daughter but a stepdaughter… and one in need of assistance becoming what Jack calls a beverage beach bimbo?

The sisters of Delta Tau may never end up meeting Katie, whose journey up the coast took her life in new directions, along with the lives of her parents… but it’s ultimately going to be fine, because everyone along this stretch of shoreline has a truly Good Time, no matter who they happen to be Shacking Up with.


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